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About Us

Welcome to Growing Up Gill, and to our little slice of the internet.


A place to share our family, fashion and ‘finds.

We are Chad, Kristin, Grant, Stella and Beau. We live in a small town in Southern, MO and try our best to live life as loud and as fun as we can. Growing Up Gill is a place for us to share our adventures, our trials and our successes, as our kids grow up, and as I do! Ha!

Meet the crew:




author of this blog, and stay at home mom who is just trying to keep her cool, and find a good pair of jeans. Born and raised in the city, now raising babies in the country, I am a major work in progress. I am unorganized and scattered, but find a ton of joy in sharing everything from my favorite Amazon find, to a fun way to celebrate Halloween with your kids. What started as a “family diary” of sorts, has morphed into whatever mess “GrowingUpGill” is today.


husband, dad, and the cause for most of my double chins in pictures. I freaking love this man. A business owner, this guy works hard, and plays even harder. Chad is entertaining, smart and hates shopping. Ha. Balance in all things when he married me! He brings the paycheck to our household, and the spellcheck to this blog.





Our 6 1/2 year old who recently started Kindergarten and rocked our world by having to actually maintain a schedule. He is a rule follower, totally goofy, uber competitive and one smart cookie. His loves include Skylanders, running at recess, soccer and losing teeth. He could live on carbs and caffeine….a lot like his mother. He is my favorite.


Our 5 year old… who tries daily to think of reasons we need to play hooky from pre-school, and has more opinions on what is in her closet than her mother does {and I have some major opinions people}. She is head strong, bold, savvy, and funny. Since she was a year old, we have been convinced her “inner age” is much older than her actual one. She has the loudest and most fantastic laugh, and as much as she is an entertainer, there is no one else you would rather have in your audience.

She is my favorite.


Our 3 year old…the one who brings the most entertainment, and the best eyebrows to our family. His story is one of the main reasons I blog and believe in the power of sharing. His story has already changed lives…I can’t wait for the day he realizes that. He is brave, fast, funny as hell and likely the cutest human on the planet. He loves his siblings {legit}, wearing his hair like a “shark”, and trains. He is the most like his daddy. Pray for us now. He is my favorite.

So welcome to our little circus. Thank you for coming and we hope you stick around awhile. We don’t claim to know it all, but we do know how to have a good time.