January 18, 2018 5 Comments Fashion, Faves

Cardigans that can double as blankets

Hey guys! We are currently on our 4th {FOURTH} snow day! I don’t think the kids are ever going back to school!!

While I am over here losing my mind, I decided to throw up a quick post with some of my favorite big ole cardigans…because when it is this freaking cold, I LIVE in mine around the house.

And I love nothing more than drinking my morning coffee, and having this tiny minion crawl into it with me.

Honestly we are a blanket family, and I am never surprised when I see my kiddos curled up on the couch and using one of my sweaters as a blanket. Or as a pillow. We are a messy, cozy people.

So let’s get to it.

  • THIS barefoot dreams cardigan is one of my fave buys of 2017. Literally wearing a blanket…but thin enough to still get stuff done in. {If you don’t like hoods, you may like this NEW GORGEOUS style, or this one}
  • The colors in this cardigan SCREAM “come on summer!!”…and look how cute it is on @emilyanngemma.
  • I think I could fit all 3 of my kiddos in this cozy one!
  • This statement Free People Wrap has great colors for spring.
  • Helllllllooooo LOVER. I need this.
  • side note: while looking up delicious sweaters, I found this hybrid, and swear to you if they had it in small, it would be hanging in my closet.
  • I just wanna rub THIS sweater…is that weird? Looks super soft and love the color.
  • Not sure how comfy and cozy this patchwork cardigan is, but its pretty freaking cute.
  • I have an old fringe Free People one I get asked a lot about…this one is super similar and on sale.
  • If you have $2,750 to drop on a big a$$ cozy sweater, buy this one       Hehehe. I’m with Brit. If you have $2,750 to drop shopping, buy one of the affordable ones mentioned above and do something FUN with the rest 😉 Unless you are going to wear that sweater until the day you die…well because then I can support you on your cost per wear ;-P 

K, lastly, if you don’t yet have a robe…this is the one I am asking for for Valentines Day {can you ask for things for Valentines Day?!}. Welp, I am. Because it LOOKS like heaven…and after owning a cardigan, I need this bad boy.

Annnnnndddd, they make a blanket.….Annnnnnddddd it’s sold for like half off at Nordstrom Rack. Annnnnnnddd I only know this because one of YOU told me.

So, thank you. You rock.

Now, go. Buy. And curl up with a cup of coffee, and your kiddo, and impatiently wait with me til Spring.