November 15, 2017 0 Comments Fashion, Finds

Chad’s Christmas Gift

Hey guys!

I had SO many messages today from my instastory asking about what it was I got Chad for Christmas that I decided to make it it’s own post!

I want to put together a gift guide of all good guy gifts, but let’s start with what I got Chad this year as his “big gift”…Chad hates to “shop” and truthfully we live a thousand miles from a decent mall {maybe a slight exaggeration}, and when we are at a town WITH a mall, we have the kids…BUT Chad loves to have a stocked closet and feel ‘put together’, So, cue The Trunk Club . 

I had seen this add for the trunk club pop up on my insta feed several times, but had tried stitch fix and all that back in the day, and they had just never really worked out for me. Then I ran into my SUPER STYLISH cousin-in-law Hilary {like legit, her job takes her to Paris in the name of fashion} and she told me all the girls she works with use it.

{this is Hilary}

So I decided to dig a little deeper and look into it.

And guys, it’s bomb.

And freakin easy. Click here to be taken to the sight. Then fill out a profile for yo man. Sizes, tastes, kind of clothing you are looking for…it lets you select price points, stores you like to shop, ANNNNNDD If you have a Nordstrom card, the $25/box styling fee is waved…and ladies think of all those Nordstrom notes you can earn! HA! And let’s be real honest…anything tied to the Nordstrom name is gold.

After I filled out the profile, a stylist came on and we chatted…like a real human chatted online with me. We now follow each other on instagram, which is awesome because she can see Chad, his build, what he looks like and likes to do. And I can reach her super easily! How cute is she?! {side note: if you click through to the trunk club through the links on the blog, she will be your stylist too!}

I also downloaded their app…makes it SUPER EASY.

You can choose if you want a box every month {what we did}, every couple months, as requested, etc.


A box showed up on our doorstep on the designated day. It had 10 things in it to try…plus HOW TO STYLE EACH PIECE TOGETHER. This was a HUGE selling point for Chad, because he wants someone to just put his outfits together for him.

Our first box came, and it took only about 15 min to try it all on, and he walked away with this look {minus the shoes} and we both LOVE IT!

I simply put the things back in the box that he didn’t want, messaged our stylist and she has scheduled someone to come collect it off of our front porch tomorrow!

I was also able to give her feedback on what we didn’t like and what we would love in our next box!

YOU GUYS! This was a home run for Chad!! It’s filling his closet with good pieces {and looks! Praise hands!}, and we don’t have to leave our home!

He is excited! I am freakin thrilled!

I would sign up and try it myself….except I just love to shop too much and love to find things on my own. But if YOU don’t love to shop or live in a small town, hours from a mall, may be worth giving yourself for Christmas too!

If you sign on, let me know!! Will be anxious to hear how it works out for you! I am already excited about his next box!!