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Christmas PJ Pics

Hi friends!! Today I am sharing my love of pjs and my love of family pictures. Ok, well I may hate TAKING family photos, but I do love the aftermath! As moms, it’s not always easy to get in front of the camera, so signing up for pics is a must!!

Ashley Moiser of Ashley Mosier Photography took our photos {and has the patience of a saint}. We were unsure of the weather…because we live in Southern Missouri where it can be 85 and sunny one day and then 25 and rainy for the next three…so we planned of indoor pics. I decided on jammies because if we were going to be inside, I wanted a “cozy” feel. I also knew I wanted Christmas colors but nothing too overwhelming. I have since had several people ask where we got our pjs so decided to link here, along with some other options for you! I will say, I ordered last minute so was unsure of what the quality would be, but all the jammies we wore were insanely soft and comfy!! The kids ones were such a find!! Mine: I ordered both these and these to try. Both super soft. Both came in 2 days. But ended up going with a medium in the lighter colored ones solely because of the color. Either would be a  great buy. Plus side, I now wear mine to bed every night!

Grant and Stellas: Ordered these on amazon because I knew I just wanted “plain red” and those are surprisingly hard to find. Much to my amazement they are the softest freaking things on the planet and will be perfect under their snowsuits this winter! They also have worn a ton since pics! And less than $20! {Grant had a S and Stella got an XS}. Beau: welp folks, sometimes you gotta get creative. I did want some pics of Beau in his undies because THAT IS OUR REAL LIFE. I always want our pictures to totally capture the “now”, so we took some in these green undies. Then in our outside jammie pics, he wore this and this...both turned inside out so they looked “fleece”. Entire outfit less than $8. When Walmart is your only option cause you are outta time, you gotta get creative! Chad: I ordered these and these {both on sale and both in black!} for him to try, but he said he had some hunting thermals that he loved, so…fresh from the deer woods, he wore them! Ha!!

Here are some more pjs I’ve since come across and loved!

For the mamas:

For the dads:


For the kids:


Lastly, you may want some accessories for your shoot! Hats, gloves, scarves…We grabbed an old Christmas blanket, some lights and tree ornaments…didn’t use them all, but nice to have!
Also, lets throw back to our Christmas card a couple years ago of these babies of mine in jammies…I snapped these with my iPhone!
If you don’t have time to book a photographer, I also shared some tips on taking pics without one. Type in “iPhone pictures” in the search bar and you can learn more!