November 12, 2017 0 Comments Fashion

Express Finds for the Grown Up Girl

Hey guys!! I don’t remember what brought me to check out Express tonight online…someone posted a cute sweater and I heard the word ‘sale’ so away I went! And you guys!!! There was SO MUCH GOOD STUFF!

Like why oh why can’t I live near an Express!! Express is one of those stores that I sometimes now feel funny when I go in, with a handful of kids in tow. BUT I also know they carry some super cute stuff!

Right now they have EVERYTHING 40% off and the clearance is onsale even more than that! So now we are talking Target prices.

With Thanksgiving, and girl gatherings, and Christmas shopping around the corner, some of these items would be perfect to share!! And I don’t feel like Express is super heavily shopped in my age demographic {cue the GIF of the old woman in a rocker} so you will likely not be bumping into a ton of your friends wearing these pieces!

Shop these pics here, or below I will write out a few of my faves! Now, as always, UPS man hurry up!!

  • Ya’ll look at this teddy bear pull over!! I’m still hunting for my love! And this teddy bearish long coat. HEART EYES.
  • Loving these loafers! Could dress up or down so easily and only $35!
  • This Gucci look alike belt is only $23 if you are wanting to jump on the belt bandwagon that is happening right now! OR, you could get the real one πŸ˜‰
  • THIS SWEATER! I have high hopes for it for Christmas! Was the first thing in my cart. And really wanted the white but was selling out too quick for me to nab.
  • This sweater in the mauve-ish color…actually in all the colors. I had a hard time picking but I have high hopes for her!
  • Ok, last but not least…chenille pants. Right?! Are you dying. Wearing these fo sho on my “home” days. Which are most days…so at $35, cost per wear is going to be killer.

OK friends! Those are my faves! I may have looked longer but during the time I was looking two things were pulled from my cart because they sold out! Wah!!! So in a panic I got my stuff and got outta there πŸ˜‰