October 12, 2017 1 Comment Fashion, Finds

Target Fall Finds

Hey friends, long time no see…seems like I’ve been starting the last several blogs that way…eek!

I wanted to hop on after my meandering around Target yesterday, because to be totally honest, I usually don’t have much luck with Target clothing.  Aside from this sweatshirt that I shared a couple months ago, I can’t think of the last Target clothing item I actually bought. I love a deal, our Target is just small and so I don’t generally have much luck…until today.

Ya’ll I found SO much stuff I liked!! I kept going back and back to the dressing rooms as I found more and more! So, since you like a good deal too, I’ve decide I needed to share all of my favorites!

*this Jacket/Sweater was probably my favorite! It could so easily be dressed up or dressed down and is an easy, comfortable fabric. I was SHOCKED to see the price! I actually called my mom from the dressing room to go buy!

*this sweater is the one I am wearing on my insta-pic and screams fall! I actually tried both a size Large {in the deep orange} and an XS {in the white}. I LOVE raglan sleeves bc you can wear any size you want and the shoulders won’t be off! I ended up buying in a white Large because I loved it oversized and comfy for fall!

*welp pulled the trigger and finally got this in black. Sized up so it would fit a little differently from the one I have.

*our store didn’t have these, but I am on the verge of placing an order! Total Gucci knock offs.

*chenille is errrrrrywhere this fall…especially in blush and red tones. This cardigan was BEYOND soft. Like holy bananas. I loved in the deep raspberry color.

*I ordered these because they look just like a ton of the pricey pairs at Nordstrom, but when they came in, they didn’t fit well {too big…wah!!}, but they are so cute and practical if they have your size in stock! And great great price point!

*these slippers I am also obsessed with. I’ve had for 2 winters now and still love! They are so much cuter on!! Makes a great gift! And cute enough to wear into school at drop off ;-P

*lastly, meet Theresa! Named by Stella. Guys I got this baby to hang on our front door and to take to Grant’s Halloween party for photo ops, but had in between the kids boosters in the back when I picked them up from school and their reactions were ahhhhhmazing. I debated on buying her for 3 Target visits and am so glad I did! The kids are getting a kick out of her! It was dollars well spent!!

Here are some of the goodies I got, along with some other gems I saw online but they didn’t carry in our store!

Hope everyone has a great end of the week and finds some goodies on their next Target cruise.
Hugs friends.