November 8, 2017 5 Comments Fashion, Finds, Mail Time

What the UPS man is bringing this week

Back again!! This week has been surprisingly busy and my kids have been surprisingly in my face ๐Ÿ˜‰ So I haven’t been able to get around to doing all the things I had hoped to accomplish this week! BUT, I do have a few goodies on the way here and thought I’d share since you all liked this post last week!

  • I actually order myself this blanket and this one for Grant to try…mine will be a Christmas present if I like and keep it! These seem to be popping up on every platform I am on, and I have had a ton of sleep issues the last year, so if this can help me snooze, I am all in! Got Grant one to try because he has a hard time staying asleep at night, and loves a good blanket more than any human I know, so thought may be a good replacement for his comforter…I should preface this with the fact that he doesn’t have anxiety or ADD or any of that, but if it could help him feel safe to drop off to sleep and stay in his bed all night, well that would be a winner! Also, I know these bad boys aren’t cheap…but what would you pay for a good nights sleep? Also, this is cheaper than a Pottery Barn comforter..just sayin.
  • Stella’s birthday is next week and we are keeping her party super small this year {5 girls for turning 5}. She knew right away who she wanted, and what kind of party she wanted: “A Rainbow Kitty Spa Party” so we ordered these for all the girls as their favors and to wear during the party. Would be a cute Christmas gift though!
  • While we were on amazon, I ordered more of these. If you don’t already dermaplane at home, I can’t say enough good things about what it does for your skin {and your makeup}. Click here to read more.
  • If you saw my stories, you know I tried on this cutest green chenille sweater {in a medium} and loved it…but already have this one on the way, so will see which I like better!
  • I shared with you my love for the teddy bear coat yesterday, and ended up ordering this, this and this one to try. My fingers are crossed. AND OMG: THIS ONE IS ORIGINALLY $275 AND IS NOW ONLY $45! Ordered the grey {really wanted the tan but none in my size.} High hopes people.
  • Got some stuff to try from Forever 21 {ahem, 34}…I really like to shop that store IN PERSON, but that just never happens that they had a lot of good teddy bear options…then I got lost on the site and ordered a lot to try..REMEMBER friends, I return a TON. Here’s what I got {pictured below}


Ok…going to spend tonight looking up pics and maybe outfits for a quick family photo session we are having Monday…gotta get Christmas card ready!! The local photog in our town found an opening for us {a miracle} but may have to be inside pics, so ordered jammies for us this year. I got the kids and Chad some on Amazon, and these {or these} for myself…we will see.

If the weather IS nice, I did order these booties {I’ve really wanted to join in on this trend but not sure it’s for those of us with cankles…} to try, and would love to pair it with either this or this for a dressy shot! I’ll let you know how it works out when these pieces come in!

**ps. This dress linked above is less than $80 and look how freakin cute it is on my girlfriend {@taralowery}?! I was like “ordering now”. And if you already didn’t hate her enough for being drop dead beautiful, her husband is a rockstar. Like, that is his job. I mean…are they real??

**For reference she is 5’1 and an xsmall**

What do you have coming in the mail this week?!


PS. Almost all those Target Sweaters I’ve been sharing are on sale!! IN STORE ONLY. DANG. If you don’t mind waiting for them to ship to you, here are all the recent ones I’ve had on stories…if they look different in the pictures, it’s because I’ve sized up or got a different color! Feel free to comment for sizing questions or DM me on IG! Happy Shopping.