November 2, 2017 9 Comments Fashion, Favorites, Mail Time

What the UPS man is bringin’ this week

Hey friends! This is a new little series I wanted to start doing for a few reasons…1. because I LOVE to shop. 2. It’s calming and therapeutic and I just really love browsing. But seeing as we have no mall within a 3 hour drive, I do my browsing online and trying on at home instead of a dressing room. 3. I order a lot…and return A LOT. I thought if I shared each week things things that are coming to our house {for me, the kids, Chad, home stuff, etc.} it may be fun! I order a ton of cute stuff that I don’t end up keeping because it either did’n’t fit right, it wasn’t something I really needed, etc. But realized it may work for you! This is seriously just a fun post for me and a way to share things I love! Sometimes I get asked about a clothing item that I bought a while ago and by time I wear, sizes are gone, etc. so this would make sharing easier…? Whatcha think? Do you guys like this kind of post? Let’s get to it and see what ya think! First…does anyone else feel this way when the delivery truck rolls into their driveway? This week I just placed a good sized order with H&M. I don’t shop them a lot online as I generally like to look at their stuff in person…I don’t know, sizing can be weird. BUT they have one product that is parenting GOLD. LEGIT. And I have now bought a couple times and SWEAR BY IT. {if you can’t wait any longer, it’s this. But keep reading.} And guess what, if you get one in store now they are 30% off! I have always gotten onsale somehow, but didn’t want to miss out on their sizes this year, so called customer service since I won’t be by an H&M soon, and they were able to give me 15% off my entire order! Plus free shipping with code 0040! Sooooo long story short, this is what I have on the way to my house courtesy of H&M:

  • these {or this one for boys} are parenting GOLD. One piece makes for quick on and off. If you ever order anything for your kids, order this. You will thank me later! And because of the sizing, you can order on the big side and wear for years! Stella has worn hers the last 2 winters! They usually wear jams under them and are good to go! If gloves came attached I would pee my pants. {here are the color options: Pink, Girl-blue, Navy, Green or Black} PS. Usually H&M have some bomb kid gloves that go well up their arms so snow can’t get in…these are this years version. Perfect for snow play!!
  • I ordered this coat bc omg…it looks like heaven. And is long enough to hide my pjs when I drop the kids. And is less than $100.
  • Also ordered this puffer. I saw on my insta-feed and drooled over the collar. And then saw the price and was like “straight into the cart you go friend.” Ordered the camel but also loving the green…and black!
  • Also got this puffer for when we hit Gill Hill farm. I am now a sucker for cute camo. And less than $45.
  • Lastly, this headband for Stell. Because we do love us some Christmas and a headpiece.

Also coming in this week:

  • I got this sweater {In an XL because it was all they had in the mauve color, and now is big and delicious} and this sweater/jacket {in the dark grey and WAY cuter in person} from Target. They have a coupon right now that if you spend $40 on clothing you get a $10 store credit! They don’t carry either of these at the Cape Target…but thankfully you can get online! Also, need these still.
  • This is the PERFECT red lipstick for the holidays. I used on Halloween, but will be wearing through the new year. Doesn’t come off on your teeth, long wearing, and makes your teeth look WHITE {ya know how some colors can bring out the yellow-y-ness}. LOVE.
  • Ordering these boots for all 3 kids. I’ve done the old Navy cheap route…but nothing compares to these. Can go sock-less with no stinking and are so warm. I will continue to buy…and continue to watch from them at Nordstrom rack. Seriously half price.

Alright friends. Well see how these goodies go over once they are here! Chad’s headed to the woods soon which means I do a lot of retailing in the late night hours so I will keep sharing what is on it’s way here! Maybe with less words next time!Ha!

Happy Shopping friends! xoxo