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Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Alright girlfriends! This is going to be one whopper of a post {by the end of the week}!!

I decided instead of making a whole bunch of gift guides, I would make one big, fat massive one…and we can just add to it as we come across awesome stuff!! It will make it easier for you to knock out a lot of your shopping if you just have to hit up one post, instead of several!! So exciting, right?! I got together with a few of my girlfriends the other night for dinner, and while we were there, I picked their brains about what they would be getting their people this Christmas and feel like we have a super solid list of goodies for Christmas!

So let’s get to it! And let’s start with GIFTS FOR HIM, because lord knows a man is hard to shop for!

  • Last year I got Chad a robe…even though he had never worn one as far as I knew. He sleeps in his underwear, so he now wears EVERY SINGLE MORNING! And often in the evenings! Honestly he probably needs a new one it’s so worn…Such a home run. Thinking about trying a new one…we love his but the sleeves have always been long, and came across This one that looks heavenly, but here are several good looking ones! Remember, on something like this to consider cost-per-wear! Ha!

  • Ok, sticking with the whole “comfort” thing, I got Chad these for our first Valentines day…and he looked at me as if I was crazy, but also wears them every morning, or when he has to run to get gas, or pick up dinner, etc. Excellent man buy, no matter who your man is. If the suede makes your nervous, I plan on getting Chad these to finally replace his. Let me tell ya how good he feels all decked out in his cozies…


  • My girlfriends have gifted this to their husbands and has been a hit! Such a solid brand, that you know their stuff is going to be a hit. Speaking of outerwear, Chad recently got this jacket and it’s gorgeous in person!! Could be worn to the gym, or with slacks and dress shoes! Such a great piece and under $150.

  • Does your husband grill? He needs this. Or this mini version. Keeps the heat in and gives them the info they need to make the best steak of their lives.


  • Chad would really love something like this for by our pool this summer! And while you are busy buying things for your man that likes some pool or outdoor time in the summer, grab a yeti…cooler, soft sided cooler, tumbler…anything Yeti is going to be a win.


  • Perfect for the man who loves to travel or travels for work. I have been hearing about these for a year now and would love to get this one {carry on sized} or this one. This would also be great for a travelers stocking.


  • Inexpensive and used anytime we go anywhere. This is a must for the men in your life.


  • Chad can pretty much always use a new pair of sneakers! I always like a gift like this because I think it also encourages us to hit the gym! It’s way more fun to go when you have new gear!

Ok girls, those were our favorite Christmas gift ideas!! Scroll below to see more options!

What are you getting your husbands, or dads?! Any ideas for stockings?! Comment below or on my latest instagram pic and I will keep editing and we will have one BOMB list girls!! Lets help each other out…next up…a list for the girls! Ideas for that one?! Send em over!!
 Ok, lets get to it girls!! Times for gifts for the ladies!!
  • THIS is a win for a woman of any age. Swear. I got it last year and tried to get for my mom for Christmas, and then poof it was sold out!! So this year, she snagged one quickly…and you need to too. Aside from the fact it is BEAUTIFUL, it is practical, and insanely soft inside. At just over $100, it is a sure hit.

  • Along the lines of something to wear, my girlfriends SWEAR up and down by this cardigan{hooded} or this {no hood}. They all have one, and it’s now on my list from Santa. If a cardigan isn’t your style…both my mother in law and mom are likely getting this from the same company.

  • I have just recently gotten into oils and diffusing…mostly because I was looking for natural ways to help myself and my crew fall asleep at night. I think this diffuser and this diffuser are gorgeous and would look great in any room of the house! I diffuse DoTerra oils in ours…very new to this world, and definitely not trying to see you on it, but if you have questions or are interested, feel free to email me and I will get with you as soon as Thanksgiving is over!


  • If jewelry is your gift-receiver’s  thing, then this company is your go to. I am not a big jewelry girl, so I turned to my girlfriends to give me their two cents. They swear by her earrings…but I have had my eyes on this ring myself.  I threw in some anthro and kate spade faves into the mix below as well.

  • Uggs aren’t just for the men you have to buy for. I am loving these and these…and I have these classics {in Chestnut} and don’t make it a few days in the winter without throwing them on. Can I get an amen for not having to wear {or find} socks! Love a “slipper” that can be worn to drop the kids off!


  • If you are shopping for a yoga buff or fitness gal, we got my mother-in-law this perfect top last year! It can be worn around town, to the gym, and is flattering on all boy types! Pair it with these super popular yoga pants, and you are set! ps. This is what I would look like if I ever tried to keep up with my mother-in-law at her yoga class…


  • Subscriptions!! Trunk club, wine subscription, etc! Every year on my mom’s birthday we refresh her subscription from here! She LOVES it. $10/month and you get a bunch or either make up or skin care goodies {depending on what you want}. Packaging and products are both awesome. Plus I get an excited text or phone call each month when it comes in!


  • If you are looking for a very practical gift, we got this for my mom, and myself last year! Imaging never ironing again…yep. It’s freaking amazing and was worth every cent. Kind of hoping Santa can fit this one in my stocking this year…and would be so perfect for a woman that traveled!

**ps. Do you all enjoy my gif selection as much as I do…I hope you know I am finishing my glass of wine and laughing as I pick them…I think I am much funnier than I likely am ;-)**

Ok friends, I have much to add on this category but it is past my bedtime, so going to throw up some pics of some of my fave girl gift ideas and we can pick up our list tomorrow!

Here are some pretty awesome gifts any woman would love to gift and all of them are $25.00 or LESS!

Now let’s talk STOCKINGS! They are probably my favorite part of the Christmas shopping. Here are a couple musts for your adult stockings:

  • This tiny screwdriver set. Not kidding. You need in your kitchen junk drawer. {please tell me everyone has one of these}. I use all the freaking time for the kids toys. I keep it next to this battery thing. LIFE SAVER.
  • I started putting one of these in my coffee every morning in an attempt to up my protein…and because every stinking blogger I follow was doing it! Ha! These would be perfect as a gift for a friend or dumped in your stocking!
  • Last year I filled Chad’s stocking with a ton of beef jerky and lottery tickets. It was easy, and a major hit…plus the scratch offs made it fun for the kids to help him open and had our excitement level high! This year, we are trying to be a little healthier so am subbing jerky for these bars {that I LOVE}.
  • I don’t know about your home, but in ours, socks always go missing. These are a practical stuffer and my personal faves, and these are Chads. He freaking loves him.

Here are some more fun, and practical, ideas for you and your man’s stocking…just in case Santa needs a little help.


Now let’s get to those babies!

Gifts for BOWIE-ish kidsD:

  • THIS. If you have a boy or train lover, we got this for Beau last year and he still plays with allllllll the freaking time. It still sits right in our living room because he loves it so much. Even Grant’s friends have to check it out when they come over. And now it’s on sale for less than $50. It’s a great option if you want to have it set up, and out from Santa. Big and good presentation value!
  • Along with that, if you want a good stocking stuffer for your train lover, I can’t tell you how much I love these mini trains and shooter. We take the minis when we travel and out and about!
  • We love toys that take us outdoors. This is what Beau is getting this year. Grant got this one Christmas when he was younger. How cute is this one? And this motorcycle?! SO fun! If your little one is still small, this is a great option!
  • My mother in law has one of these and the kids ALL love! I kind of want to get Beau one and put it by our pool this summer! I think is great from ages 2-8?!
  • I know these are a lot of car things, but if you don’t have a TRAIN TABLE yet, NOW IS THE TIME!! All 3 of mine have loved on ours hard. Is so awesome to have out on Christmas morning. Also, have the track glued down…youre welcome. This is the one we have and is under $100!!!
  • Duplos. We took an old Target little side table and glued a board like this on the top and keep a bucket under the table of Duplos. Fun and easy to keep organized. Love this set and this set for Christmas.
  • Tumbling Mats. Ok we actually got these for Stella, but Beau plays on them just as much! Great for the whole crew if you have multiples!
  • All 3 of mine have these and have yet to outgrow! Cute, practical, and honestly so much play value. Or maybe these are more your speed. So cozy!
  • Ok, shared this CRAZY CAR on my story tonight {and Bowie wrecking everything in the kitchen while on it} and you all wanna know! Here it is for only $49, but if you need sooner {because sometimes zulilly can take a hot minute} here is you next best option for cost. Or here if you are a prime member…is anyone not anymore?!?!

Let’s be real honest…toddler love everything 😉 The above mentioned just have proven to have longevity at our house! I hope yours love as much as mine have!


Ok, let’s talk all things LITTLE GIRL {ahem, Stella}

  • Gonna start with the real obvious…American girl doll was a hit with our Stella last year at age 4. It was a great age to intro to all things American girl. BUT she still also calls her Walmart doll an American Girl Doll, soooooo my advice may be to hit Target for a doll unless your daughter is older and requesting specifically an American Girl one. Or if you have a younger girl, Stella had this when she was little and loved her!
  • This year Stella really wants this for her dolls.
  • On the “Big Doll” note, we got this for her birthday for her dolls and was a HOME RUN…especailly if your little girl is an animal lover like my Stella.
  • Maybe Barbies are more your speed, Santa brought Stella this last Christmas and was such fun “presentation” that Grant even ran right to it to to check it out too. She and Beau still play on it constantly. This is the Barbie she wants this Christmas.
  • If Stella wasn’t getting surprised with a REAL DANG CAT, this is what she would be getting because she has asked for so many times! Ha!
  • We got this kitchen {which is currently ON SALE} when Stella turned 3 and all the kids love. I love anything that brings out some imaginative play!! And my husband and dad were able to assemble so it’s not too complicated!
  • THIS is what my girlfriends are getting their daughters after hearing about how much we love ours…would be awesome for girls ages 4/5-12 years?? Love this color {which is ON SALE}. Plus lots of fun {and cheap} accessories you could get with it like this bag and extra film!
  • If your kiddo loves jewelry, I am a huge Stella & Dot fan for little girls! Stella gets infections if the earrings aren’t good quality, but I don’t love paying a lot since we lose them…so Stella & Dot is a perfect answer. Plus they come in a 3 pack with fun options. If you are interested, my friend Brittany can hook you up!
  • Stella just got these cats in the mail from my parents and I got a ton of questions on! They meow and are soft to sleep with. My mom found at Tuesday morning but you can also find here.
  • Does your girl like cats too? Here are some ideas:

ps. while hunting I came across this cat dress which is so ugly its kind of cute…but then I saw the price…now explain to me who buys this?!?!?!

  • Stella is getting this from her cousins and I think she will FREAK. I see lots of entertainment for the whole family with this gift.
  • Stella’s friends are also really into these dolls! It’s all about the “unboxing” these days! Ha! Or these ones are great sizes for stockings!

Alright, time for GIFTS FOR BOYS {Grant’s age-ish}

  • Games. Grant loves games and I do too! So great for quick and easy family night activities! We recently got this one, but have gotten this and this for Christmas.
  • This is the year we are jumping into the video game world. I have yo-yoed between this system or this for G. My girlfriend has the switch and sent me a video about it and looks super cool!
  • Along with his gaming system, we got him this {does your boy LOVE skylanders too?}. And am getting this game for our whole family to enjoy.
  • If your boy is a music lover, this would be a great gift. Hoping Grant will use listening to his music on his iPad.
  • Got this for our shower. Can’t wait for G to open it. He will be pumped to shower every night.

Next up teachers, and kid stockings…kid stockings may be my MOST FAV to buy for!! Stay tuned!

Thanks again girls!!