February 13, 2018 0 Comments Mail Time

What the UPS man is bringing

Happy Tuesday friends! Thank you to everyone who has entered the Valentine’s Giveaway so far with Shine!! Such fun!! Winner will be announced tomorrow! And hope to do more Giveaways in 2018! Now let’s get to what the UPS man is bringing us!

  • Chad got this because he loves IMO’s pizza. We don’t live close to one, but we can pick up when we are in a town with one and cook them at home! Hoping this will save our oven from burning cheese on the bottom.
  • More of these protein bars. My number one fave and I hope if I keep sharing, you will try. If you haven’t tried them yet, it is time!
  • I talked briefly about an eye mask that I used after some crazy sinus stuff last week and how much better I felt. This one is a game changer. Also got this one to try. Seriously worth the $16.
  • More film for this camera. This purchase has been a loved one. And love finding these pics all over the house.
  • Stella needed new headphones so we ordered these on amazon. She will flip.
  • We got another shipment in of Juice Plus this past week. This is a whole separate post. But I will say that we take daily {and Grant drinks the smoothies} and no one has been sick once since the ole tonsils came out. If you have ANY juice plus questions, you can contact @plantpreventionmama or if you are local, @caseysluder can help you out!
  • Just ordered this contraption after seeing it on @tarathueson‘s feed. I have foot issues and wondering if it will help. If nothing else, it will make Chad laugh! Is this TMI? Read here to see 7 health benefits from wearing these.
  • I am not much of an accessories girl, but I had to get this bag! It looks so expensive and it such a great price point! Also threw these earrings in my cart to take on vacation with us!
  • Ordered more of the books in this series because my kids think they are hysterical and they are a great length for bedtime! Seriously I can’t figure out why they are such a hit but they are! Highly recommend!
  • Lastly, got the large size tub of this for our coffee. My third refill because Chad now drinks too. I don’t know if it’s helping my skin to be honest…but I drink it really for the Protein! Easy way to knock some down!

I wonder what the people over at Amazon think of our strange orders? Have you ordered anything lately from there that is a little different?! I would LOVE to hear your favorite goodies!

Have a great week!

And go enter that giveaway if you haven’t!!

Here are some of the things I’ve got my eyes on for possible packages coming soon!