November 18, 2017 0 Comments Mail Time

What the UPS man is bringing this week

Happy Sunday friends!! Let’s start out with what the UPS man IS NOT bringing this week {insert 700 eye roll emojis!}…he is not, and will not ever, bring me a package from Forever 21 again.

Ya’ll, it was going to cost me $68 to ship my package of returns to their store! And thennnnnn come to find out, it’s store credit only!! Holy Crap. Never again Forever 21. So what is coming this week? Truthfully not a ton. I had been waiting on some packages to come in from previous weeks, so will be excited to see how those goodies work! I did place an order with Asos. That is my go-to for shopping. Lots of great prices, free two day shipping when you are a member {I think its like $17 for the year} and super SUPER easy returns!

  • This coat. A}Insanely beautiful B} warm as all get out C} Great price. Like I CAN NOT wait for this one.
  • So I keep putting this in and out of my cart…is it too ugly? Or so ugly that it’s cute?!
  • This jacket is amazing. And so different. But I can think of 1,000 things I could wear it too. Black long sleeve tee under, jeans and sneakers and out the door in style.
  • These black dressy jeans…perfect for holidays right?! Think would be so cute with my black slides!
  • i LOVE a classic turtleneck.

Also, still awaiting this sweater to roll in from last week and I have super high hopes for it!!

Honestly, have been busy this week with Stella’s birthday and just surviving being a single mom while Chad’s been in the deer woods!! Also, got some questions about the shirt I wore in our family pics! It’s this stripped number {from the dreaded Forever 21}…I don’t want you to go buy because we should boycott together…but is it only $28 and has the best puff sleeves I’ve ever laid eyes on. Have also started slowly working on the kids Christmas lists. Picked up the Target gift guide this past week, so yesterday they sat down, markers in tow, to pick their faves! Gift guides in the work still! Had dinner with some of my girlfriends who helped make up the list of all lists!

Lastly, did a quick try on on my stories of some of the sweaters that have rolled in. Will share them here. Just click on the pic to be taken to the sweater! {Sad news!! The fuzzy Old Navy one is now sold out online…is it bad that it makes me want to keep it even more?!}

So stay tuned for gift guides and have a happy Sunday! xoxo