December 4, 2017 6 Comments Mail Time

What the UPS man is bringing this week

Hey girls! Hope your week is off to a great start!

We are going on day 9 of Stella being down post-tonsils, and we are very ready for a healthy house again!!! Stella has had some VERY long nights, so when she is able to pass back out, I have done a wee bit of shopping in the early morning hours! Can’t wait to share some of the goodies.

So lets cut to the most exciting thing I have ordered in I DONT KNOW HOW LONG…I got a new bra. Hahahaha! I am laughing because I legit wear the same bra I have had since high school almost every single day {if I am not wearing a sports bra}. It’s on it’s last leg, and gappy and really worn out…but if you are like me…post 3 kids, and small in the boob department, bra shopping isn’t much fun.   Well cue Third Love. I have read about this company on a few blogs and decided I would check it out since it’s bloggers I generally trust and don’t feel are just trying to sell something.

I got on and went to their 24/7 t-shirt bra, clicked in 34A…then saw that they had half cup sizes and was like yeahhhhhh, I’ll try an A1/2 because sometimes A’s just run too small…and I was feeling optimistic.  Well after I checked out I started reading about their “Try before Buying” program. Basically I fill out a questionnaire {in 60 seconds people}, they tell me what size they think I am, send me a bra, and I have 30 days to wear it and decide if I want to keep it or not.

WHAT?! Ok, I was intrigued. I filled out the form {questions about current bra, issues, size} and it said I needed a 32 B1/2…and boy I laughed out loud. And now so are my friends, because there is NO WAY I am bigger than a B. NO WAY. But what the hell, I gave it a “purchase”.

Both showed up today. And guess freakin what. The 32 B1/2 is SPOT ON. LEGIT. and looks smooth under my t’s and has no gapping. I am dumbfounded. But now I want to share the amazingness with everyone. Because this freaking crazy.

I got a link when I checked out that I can share to save you $15 off your order…and it also gives me a $15 credit…but I am purposely not sharing it here because I seriously want you to know I LOVE this bra and am not trying to just earn credit…make sense?

I love this way of shopping and this company. Legit. With zero kick backs. Now if you do want the link, email me or IG me and I can send to you…but I seriously am speechless. And currently ordering a strapless one. Little on the pricey side, but COST PER WEAR PEOPLE. Lastly, in looking for a great bra GIF for you, I came across this article on 16 Bra Myths...was actually an interesting little read.


Also coming is this underwear for Bowie. It’s my favorite kid underwear. Plus its usually on sale and I always have credit to buy!

Ordered this for Bowie for Christmas. He is going to lose his little Thomas loving mind when Santa leaves it for him. Plus we will set it up by the pool this summer so all the kids can enjoy 😉

Ordered these jeans and have insanely high hopes for them. They look just like these designer jeans and like my beloved Asos pair that is always sold out of sizes. If they are good, legit they will get their own post.

Amazon had some crazy deal on this shower speaker today so I nabbed one for Christmas for Grant. The kids loves music, and the shower…so thinking it will be a win. Originally $99, on sale for $22?! Yep. Currently still only $34.

Also grabbed this bad boy for my stocking…I’ve heard amazing things about it and we all know how much I love a good dermaplane {read more here}…have you tried this? Give me your thoughts!

Ordered this during the crazy Wildfox sale…you all know my very deep love for Diet Coke and Dr. Pepper. Just wanna display that love for the world. Ran out of this for my coffee, so reordered. Excellent source of protein and good for your bones, first thing in the morning!

Looking for a good protein bar? I ordered a 24 pack of these, these and these. I legit could live on those and fountain soda.

Just got this sweater in from Brickwood in Cape and shared on my story. Perfect for the Holidays. Also snagged this top and this cardigan {a very Free People feel at a more Target-y price}. Love that we have such an awesome local-ish boutique.

Currently looking for pants and shoes for Grant for Christmas…

And currently in my various carts and on my wish lists:

Well y’all, that is pretty much what I am hoping rolls in this week.
Working on my teacher gift guide today {will be added to the ultimate holiday gift guide} and also my own Christmas list 😉 Things other than a nap, good nights sleep and a clean house…
Hope everyone is having a great week!
ps. The sweatshirt from my insta story today is old and sold out, but here is a cropped version in black! Would be darling with a long tee or tank under and some yoga pants for a day in or running errands! Or here is a white longer option with that same great neck!
And lastly here is the BRA LINK to save $15 on your order!