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6 Simple {and inexpensive} ways to bring the fun this December

Hi guys!!

Yes I know it is only mid November..but in the name of not procrastinating I am sharing this now.

December is one of my favorite months of the year now that I have kids! I HATE the cold, but I love how it forces us to be in, and together, and the crazy excitement Christmas brings to our home all month long!

I wanted to share a few ways {and a few things} I buy to up the fun this month. Again, these things are cheap and easy and guaranteed to bring smiles to your kiddos! We all know none of this shiz is showing up on Pinterest {aint nobody got time for that}

    1. Reindeer Car ok, so it’s pretty tacky, but the giggles it brings from my kids and their friends totally trump any eye rolls from adults! Ha! Last year I got them here and used a 40% off coupon making them only  . But this year, I wasn’t by a store and was impatient so nabbed this set from amazon…thank goodness for prime 😉
    2. Mistle Toe Ball– Grabbed this bad boy from Target for $5 and we have gotten so many kisses out of it! Beau thinks its funny and Stella purposely stops and waits for others to pass under. Just a good, one, keep ya close and bring the love item.
    3. Ugly Christmas sweater– trust me on this. Your kids {I’m pretty sure any age, but especially if they are small tots like mine} will think you are extra cool and funny if you rock an ugly Christmas sweater. And it’s hard to not feel in the “Christmas spirit” when wearing. This is one I snagged {in red} and here are some more of my faves…and many are so ugly they are actually cute! {ps. If I buy this, Stella will think I am the BOMB.}

  1. Letter sign– Truth be told, I got one of these to use for our baby announcement…and came close to tossing it in the trash because I was so mad…but I am so glad I kept. Our family goal is to change the saying each week to something fun or silly that will make people who pass it smile. And to make it even more fun, one of my girlfriends has one too, and we have decided to send pics of our signs back and forth. Her’s currently says “You know it’s all about that baste” hehehe! Wanna join?! I will try and stick pics of all our signs at the end of blog posts each week!
  2. Advent Calendars– My kids are OBSESSED. Now I don’t make my own…and last year all we had was the $2 one from World Market, but still they ran down every morning, super anxious to see what picture was on the tiny chocolate. They took turns, each day, and it was easily a great way to get our morning off to a good start.
    1. It was such fun in fact, that this year, we got the world market chocolate one, this lego one, AND I made a wood sign from Board&Brush, so now every morning each kid can have something to open/move. We will just take turns on who does what each day! We LOVE legos so these will get played with all year long. Also, looking into this one because I love the idea of 25 actives!!!
      1. PS. May do something like this for Chad for an advent! Isn’t this so fun?! Or this one with wines from Aldi! Heard theirs are awesome and cheap! Yes please! Heck, read here for the top 9 Alcohol Advent calendars of 2017…because holiday stress may drive you to drink 😉
  3. Family Night:Ok, this last one is my most favorite and can cost nothing if you are willing to get creative! My last thought on bringing the magic this December is to start having a “family night” if you don’t already.
    1. Don’t let it overwhelm you. Just pick one night a week and say this is going to be declared “family night” and make it a priority.
    2. Hang out. No tvs. Eat together. And talk.
    3. Then spend the evening doing an activity and activities. KEEP IT SIMPLE. Make a gingerbread house together. Write your letters to Santa. Play games {my kids personal faves}. Build a house of cards. Bake cookies and decorate. Play legos. Get a big poster board and draw The North Pole Village together. Have a dance competition. Build a fort. Sled down the stairs in a sleeping bag. Decorate your windows in cheap window clings. Have contests: who can make the longest shaving cream Santa beard: who can fit the most mini marshmallows in their mouth: peppermint spitting for distance: etc.
    4. It doesn’t have to be complicated at all…by giving it a name and a designed night, it brings a different level of excitement with the kids!! You can do this!!


Ok Friends, that’s all I’ve got for tonight! Thanksgiving is coming and I should probably focus more on that…but it kind of gets sidelined since its right between Stella and Beau’s birthday! And we LOVE Christmas!! Do you do anything to bring the fun this month?! If so, please share….only if it’s not complicated 😉 Because I can’t keep up with pinterest worthy stuff! Ha!