September 3, 2015 0 Comments Family

Dear G.

So originally I was hoping to write a letter to my three kiddos each week, but they keep me so dang busy, it is much harder to find time than I thought it would be…so, change of plans.  Instead, when something crosses my mind, and crosses my heart, I will write about it.  Maybe once a week, maybe once a month, maybe 3 times a day!

But today I was struck by Grant and wanted to tell him something.

Dear G,

I see you.

I see you over there playing with Stella.  I see you finding Beau a toy or bringing him one out of reach when he cries out.  I see you picking up Stella’s fork she dropped on the floor because it is so much easier for you to get up and down out of your chair than it is for her.  I see you blocking the stairs when Beau gets close and making faces at him in the car to keep him happy.  I see you slowing down so Stella can finally win a race or running to get a band aid for her when she falls.

I see you.

You are only 4, yet I find myself relying on you so much to make it thru our days.  You are my eyes when I am out of the room, watching over your brother and sister without being asked.  You are my hands in helping them when I am busy tending to something else.  Beau and Stella look up to you and you are patient with them and quick to include them.

Just when I am about to crack towards the end of the day, you consistently come through.  The most amazing thing about it all is that you have no idea what you are doing.  It’s second nature to you to be the “biggest” and to help without question.  And you do all of this without looking for reward or praise.  You are genuinely happy when your siblings are.  That makes me happier than you could ever dream.

Without you, I would crumble. That is the truth.  I am so freaking proud of you.

And I see you.

xo- mom