February 17, 2016 0 Comments Family

Happy Meals & Haircuts


Someday I won’t be balancing food trays, a baby and filling ketchup cups.  Someday I won’t have to rip open yogurts, straws and puncture juice boxes just for all of them to go exploding everywhere.  Someday I won’t have to say “eat another bite before you can play” 19 times.  Someday we will get to eat somewhere where the food is actually good {;-P}, and the kids care as much about the food as the toy inside.

BUT, someday her feet will touch the ground and lunch out with mom won’t be so high on her excitement list.  So today I soaked up a one on one date with my homegirl Stella.

I am not a big New Year’s resolution person, but find myself mentally making them around this time of year.  I think Valentine’s day and it’s focus on loved ones and my family, get me motivated to make some changes.  With multiple kids, one on one time is super rare and oh so precious.  Today Stella got her first haircut and we decided to add nails and lunch out to the agenda.  And she was so thrilled. All day long. Almost as much as I was.

Going to aim at one, one on one with each kid a month…maybe an hour out, maybe an entire day.  Totally open to fun ideas to do with them so please share if you have any suggestions!

These days are flying people. and hoping this will help time pause {or at least slow down a little} and let me soak in who they each are, individually, right now.

So happy {meal} Tuesday to all!