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Make-Up Routine

Hey friends! Gonna keep this one short and sweet by linking the make up I use and the colors I get, and will keep the make up “tutorial” {can you realllllly call it that?!} on my highlights on story in case you wanna reference. Click here to be entertained.

I hope you find it helpful, or maybe I introduce you to a new product you make try and love! I keep it super simple because honestly that it was my life calls for right now! Someday, maybe I can spend a little more time on it and invest a little more in my stash! Until then, this is what I use:

  1. Hide those dark circles. I currently use this in Vanilla. Rub it in with your finger. We fancy like that. When this runs out tho I am RUNNING to Ulta to get this because every single blogger in the world is obsessed with it.
  2. Put this all over your face and blend into your neck. It’s like putting an instagram filter on your face! Love this product. Annnnnd has 45 SPF in it. It doesn’t come in a specific color, and has anti-aging and skin firming stuff in it. Praise Jesus for the people who make this.
  3. Tan yo’self. I love this bronzer in “Laguna” and has been a go to since high school. My mom actually went to Sephora recently and they said it’s their best seller and a flattering color on anyone. Currently, because I want to be as fabulous as Kim K, I am using this contour palate and using the two darkest browns as my bronzer. I brush on with this brush, under my invisible cheek bones, jaw line and forehead.
  4. Blush. I used to use this {and love it still} but am currently mixing the pink and the more orangey color from this palate. This palate would be great if you also wanted to try the above bronzer because it is in it too!!
  5. I have zero eyebrows….both God given and over plucked from my highschool days. I use this {which is the go to brand for eyebrows} to more or less fill them and draw them on! The color I get is soft brown and I usually buy 2 at a time. See. No eyebrows for this girl.
  6. I spend zero times on lashes thanks to my beloved extensions {thanks to Cheyenne over at Beauty Bar} so i have advice on mascara. But I do still love me some eyeliner. This has alllllways been my go to, but recently a blogger shared this one in the color Arabian Nights and you guys, I am in love! It’a a navy blue and it’s a fun way to slightly change up your look!

Ok guys! That is really it! On occasion I like to do some eye shadow and this is the palate I use! I love it! Tons of neutral color options!!! My favorite is to mix Frisk, Cover and Primal.

When it comes to lips, my new go to brand is this by Bare Minerals. I love the colors, that it is so matte, and that it stays on without drying out my lips. My favorite colors are slay for a neutral-pinky color, scandal for a bold purple-brown, or VIP for a red. I also LOVE this lipstick by MAC in Up The Amp. A bold purply color that is fun especially for summer!

AND NOW, that is truly it.

I would love love to hear what your favorite make up item is! I am a super simple girl when it comes to my make up game, but always looking to better myself, and better this face! Ha! So please, comment and share!!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!


ps. Here is the sweater that I was talking about from Target today on my stories. I am dead over it. It looks SO expensive. I got in white and in black!! Only $27!!! Cape was picked over in sizes of the white so I got a Medium and love the fit,  but also got a xs in the black from a more fitted sweater to wear with high waist jeans.