August 16, 2017 3 Comments Family


Well crap Grant.

The day is here. The first day of school.

And I thought we were totally prepared…but we weren’t.

Well, you were.

You have been ready and excited for this day all summer long.

And truthfully I thought I was too…honestly I had been looking forward to this day for years. Especially back when it was just you, me and Stel, deep in those toddler and baby years…and I can remember wishing we had places to go and things to do, other than watching you destroy the house everyday or listen to “The Hot Dog” song for the 100th time.

But now it’s here and I am not so sure I’m ready.

I went to bed last night with a lot of worries.

Like, will you be brave enough to raise your hand and ask to use the bathroom. Will you answer questions when you know the answers…or better yet, will you take the chance to answer when you are not so sure? Will you use your ‘please’ and ‘thank you’s? Will you eat your lunch? Will you go out of your way to befriend kids you don’t know, and will you continue to treat your old friends kindly? Will you know how to get to your classroom once you enter the school? Will you help those in need? Will you remember your lunch number? Will you also stand up for yourself? Will you be respectful and follow instructions?

Will you miss me?

Because damnit I am gonna miss the hell outta you.

You’ve been mine for almost 6 1/2 years.

Sure you went to preschool, but we weren’t strong in the attendance game and have loved the flexibility of doing “us” whenever we wanted. And boy we did.

And then this morning I watched you walk away from me, and down the hall…and right on into the next chapter of your life.

Where I have to share you. You are now a student. One of the most fun jobs on the planet…but is full time.

You will no longer spend the majority of your days with me, but with them.

And while those questions raced through my mind last night, the answers are what I am sitting in my car here, praying on now.

That you will be you. That you will be all the things we’ve worked so tirelessly as parents to instill in you…and that you’ve proven to be.

That you will be brave. That you will be friendly. That you will be kind and patient and helpful. That you will be respectful…and that you will simply try your best. Because kid, that’s all we ask.

Oh and I just want you to know one last thing. It’s ok to mess up.

Because I do everyday…and yet somehow you still turned out ok.

So G, have a great year. You will have no bigger cheerleader than me as you navigate these school years.

And now I will spend the rest of the day looking through your old baby pictures, crying my eyes out and wondering where in the hell the time went.



**ps. Grant, I wrote this post on my phone, the night before school started, anxious and worried…and here I am posting one week later, and so funny how that worry can scatter so quickly. I am so proud of the way you’ve handled yourself these first few {unsure, new and nerve-wracking} days. You are gonna rock the K hall this year. I love you real real big G.