June 4, 2015 0 Comments Family

Meet Beau

Meet Beau Maverick Gill.

Beau is the littlest of our tribe.  But don’t let his size fool you, he is also our toughest.

Beau was born this past November with a cleft lip and palate {more on that in a future post}.  He had a rough first 4 months from cleft related issues but since surgery in March, he has been living the good life.  This boy IS, IN FACT, the coolest, most chill and laid back baby of all time. Yes I said it. It is true.  He has brought an insane amount of joy to our family and that smile…well what can I say??

Beau has no idea what personal space is thanks to his brother and sister, and could easily sleep through a tanker truck driving through our living room {which is actually a really good thing since our house is very close to train tracks}.  He loves attention and silly faces, as well as Mickey Mouse and his bottle.  He is unable to suck so doesn’t take a binky (much to my dismay), but loves to sleep with his little rabbit blanket and finds comfort by putting his pointer finger in his mouth.  My heart and soul belong to this baby.

“It’s Funny because we ask God to change our situation, not knowing he puts us in the situation to change us”