June 4, 2015 0 Comments Family

Meet Stella

Meet Stella Michael Gill.

 Oh Stella…where do I begin? At 2 1/2, she is our middle babe and keeps us the most on our toes. She loves all things baby, princess, eating, and Wal-Mart {cringe}.  She is hysterically funny, with an adult vocabulary that can occasionally get her into trouble.  It is not a coincidence that I started getting grey hairs the year she was born…

She is a mother to our youngest and a Partner in Crime to our oldest.  This babe has a heart as big as the gap in her front teeth and a laugh that is contagious.  Stella is a social bug and loves to be around other kids.  Don’t let her fool you though! She is equally mischievous and ornery and has an amazingly good “lie” face.

I always knew I wanted a little girl. Someone to play dress up with, shop with, bake with…who I knew would call me frequently and hang out as she got older.  Now I wonder what was I thinking. {TOTALLY KIDDING!!}