July 26, 2017 2 Comments Family, Finds

Outdoor toys to keep your summer fun

Hey y’all! This week we are talking toys…and more specifically, OUTDOOR toys!

I am a HUGE fan of keeping my kiddos outside and away from the electronics, especially in the summer! If you follow our instastories, you know we can usually be found in our pool, or on our driveway! With summer starting to wind down a bit, and the heat intense, I like to bust out a few new toys to bring the “excitement” back to being outside!

Over the years, we have gotten so many stinkin toys, I’m compiling a list of our favorites to share in hope some may become your favorites too!

Slide: Let’s start with this slide. I’ve posted about it before, and didn’t pull the trigger on one when Grant or Stella were small because I was worried we would grow out of it too fast. WRONG. We got it with Beau, and have used a ton and in a ton of ways! Even the bigs love. Especially when you give them a hose to put at the top!

Scooter: We got these for Grant and Stella this year after our friends the Tarbuttons insta-storied theirs! They are so fun {even Chad and I like to ride on!}. 

Bikes: Our kids have outgrown their Wal-Mart character bikes {and truthfully they were starting to fall apart} so the kids each got a Kent Bike from Amazon. Beau freaked out when he got his {he’s been living that handmedown life} and the kids have been riding them like crazy! We even loaded them up the the park and have ridden their a couple times! When the weather cools, we will take them camping with us, and I already have plans for a ride downtown for one of our family nights! These bikes are beautiful and I love the cruise bar {no idea if thats what its called} for the boys to put their feet up on when they coast downhill!! Grant has this one, Stella this one, and Beau this one


Bounce house: This one is a HUGE favorite of ours! We actually got one for the kids during the winter and kept it in the house/basement until it was warm out, which was great for indoor play! When the weather is warm we keep it in the garage. It’s SUPER easy to set up. Just takes a couple minutes and accommodates a bunch of little kids! We go hard on ours, and during the super hot summer months I even let them put the hose in it! A great buy for ALL ages!


Sprinkler: let’s be really clear that by sprinkler, I mean the one we actually use on our yard! Ha! The kids love it!! But if you are looking for one with more fun or pizazz, I think this one looks like a big time for kids!


Pool Stuff:

Inflatable Springbecause I have already gotten so many questions on it from Grant’s birthday party!! I ordered it because we usually have a ton of kids in the pool in the summer and I worry about little ones getting under rafts and such and not seeing them, so this floaty is PERFECT!! It can handle a ton of kids at once and no one can get under!! And it’s see through! I have already ordered a second.

Storage: Ok, this isn’t a toy, but I got this to store all of our pool things in this summer and they are awesome! They are on wheels so easy to get in and out of the garage during the day, and all the water still on the toys can drain out through the mesh! Plus they come in several storage sizes.

Inflatable Slide: This bad boy got terrrrrrible reviews on Amazon, but I was wanting something fun for the pool and I came across it at Academy Sports {for slightly less than Amazon} so I pulled the trigger on it…and am SO GLAD I DID!! It has been played with HARD, by a ton of kids and is still in really good shape! The very bottom did finally pop but has zero effect on the slide! LOVE this!! AND ITS NOW ON SALE!!!!! RUNNNNNN…

Inflatable Ring: We got this last summer as a gift and I was shocked at how much, and in how many ways the kids played with this! If you have solid swimmers, is awesome to have in your pool! We tend to have a bunch of little  ones in there and it’s big, and makes it hard to see, so I don’t know that I would recommend for really little kids.


Water table: We’ve actually had a couple of these,and this was easily the group fave! Which is awesome because it’s the cheapest one we’ve owned! I’m always amazed at how much this little table can keep kids entertained for so long!

Welp, that’s it friends! So far those are our most favorite ways to spend time outside! What are your favorites? We are always looking to up our collection!