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Potty training 101

Well y’all, its that time again…

I potty trained Grant a few months shy of 3, Stella at a little before 2 1/2, and now Beau is weeks away from 3, and I’ve decided it’s time to rip the bandaid off! He is ready…I am not ;-P Diapers are just super convenient guys!!

I wasn’t sure where to begin when I potty trained G, but thanks to my friend Sarah Dobbs {over at @thehomecapsule} told me about a book she read that made potty training SO EASY. AND IT WAS.

I have shared this book with I don’t know how many people…lots! Its a super easy read and you go from diapers around the clock to NOT ONE DIAPER EVER AGAIN…not even night diapers or pull ups!!

If you don’t have time to read, here are a cliff notes version for ya šŸ˜‰

Oh Crap, It’s Time to Potty Train:

  • Say “Bye!” to diapers forever! Beau has loved saying “No more diaper! I a big boy!”. Be ready and dedicated.
  • Give yourself a few days with NOTHING TO DO BUT WATCH YOUR KID. This is one of the hardest parts…you have to be ready to WATCH your baby ALL DAY LONG. It is kind of exhausting.
  • No bribes. Now, I bribe. The book says not to, and I don’t think I did with Stella…she didn’t need it. I think this depends on your kids. She says not to bribe because they are doing something they should naturally do…and that weaning from the bribe can be hard…I don’t think weaning B from bribes will be hard at all, and truthfully I love his excitement about a sucker or sticker when we goes šŸ˜‰ I’ll let you know how this goes.
  • No pants or underwear during those first few days. Then no undies with pants. Sounds odd, but underwear can mimic a diaper and make the child feel like they can go in their pants. Going commando helps them remember they need to find a potty when they have to go.
  • Don’t ask your child if they have to go. It gives them the opportunity to say “no.”
  • While you are watching your kiddo, the second they stop their play and start peeing, grab them and run to the potty saying “we go pee pee in the potty”. Honestly, my kids had an easy ‘tell’ that they were about to pee bc they would stop what they were doing and look down at their legs. Cue the run by mama.
  • You can do nights later or at the same time. We go cold turkey in this house and did all at once…in regards to nighttime…it’s up to mom to get up in the night and put your child on the potty.
    • We refrain from a lot of drinks in the evening while potty training and then I usually get them up at 9 and 1/2 and then early in the am to pee the first couple days. This sounds miserable, but I tell myself it is better in the long run,and honestly they are half asleep on the potty and go right back down easily. Find a good book if you are bad about falling back asleep like I am šŸ˜‰
    • When you notice they are no longer peeing at 9, I bump back till 10, then 11 and such til you are only getting up once a night.
    • Keep a potty right by their bed for awhile….and drop the crib to a big boy bed…this may be why Ive put off potty training the most. Ha!
    • They sleep bottomless…
  • Here are the stages in the training:
    • 1.Go Bottomlesss. Have them pee {or try} every couple hours and watch them. like a freaking hawk. Give yourself a couple days in.
    • 2. Once they are in the flow {after a couple days}, you can go to pants, but no underwear. This usually lasts a couple weeks for us. Just depends on the kids. I still have them try every couple hours.
    • 3. Being able to go potty wearing underwear.
    • 4. Self initiation on the potty.
    • 5. No longer waking in the night.


You guys, its an interesting, and lonnnnngggggg, first couple days, but both Grant and Stella had less than a handful of accidents, EVER, after potty training like this. And together they have only ever “wet the bed” including during training, less than 10 times collectively {most of those are just in the months after potty training!

So, wanna join?! Lets do this.

Oh, and your gonna want potties everywhere. We love this potty the best {or here is a similar one for less than $10}. Easy to clean and not super ugly šŸ˜‰ I keep one in their room, in the main bathroom, in the trunk {because we spend a lot of time on long car rides}, and one in the upstairs bathroom.

Lastly, be thankful if you have a boy…they can stop and pee anywhere! After potty training Stella, I am happy to once again have a child that can just pee on our tire if need be šŸ˜‰ {is that gross?? Sorry. #keepin it real}

Oh and keep seem wine in the fridge…because mama you are gonna need it.

We got this girls.