August 6, 2015 0 Comments Family

To my 3

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To my 3.  Good god, today you made me both so happy and so proud.  I woke up at 4 am with Beau, and tired was an understatement.  I prayed for it to rain and for a quiet day in.  Well, it rained and we had a day in.  But instead of quiet, the house was filled with laughter and shrieking and running and playing.  You played together all day.  You played nicely and you included Beau…meaning you were quick to find him toys and make sure he was happy. You played inside and outside. You insisted on a group bath and on a “big kid” sleepover.  I loved listening to your make believe adventures, but more so I loved the way you spoke to each other.

We did venture out to Walmart {Stella I hope someday you have a girl who loves that place as much as you do! ha!} this evening and I have so many people ask me “Do they always carry on like this?”  Oh does that make me proud!  People comment on how good you get along, how well you listen and what good helpers I have.  It hasn’t always been easy taking the three of you grocery shopping, but most days (like today), we have it down.  Grant, you went with Stella so she could admire the giant Barbie’s shoes while I was checking out.  You are such a good big brother.  And Stella, you told anyone that would listen that Beau was your baby and at any still moment, were holding onto his feet. *Beau grocery shops in the Bjorn*  You all take care of one another without me asking anymore or telling you to.  And That. Is. Awesome.

I hope you grow up having lots of days like these and knowing how very lucky you are to have each other.

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