January 23, 2018 2 Comments Family, Travel

Gill Getaway: San Diego

Hey friends!! Happy Tuesday! And Happy to be HOME!

Chad had a work trip this past weekend that I was lucky enough to crash! We escaped the ice and snow with a few days in sunny San Diego!

I have only ever been to Northern Cali {San Fransisco and Napa areas} so was excited to get a taste of what southern California had to offer! Truth be told, we mostly ate, lounged, and ate some more. I did find what was probably the most amazing mall I have ever been to, but really was a pretty quick trip there and back!

I didn’t share much on my story while we were gone…leaving the kids when we travel gives me a lot of anxiety {that damn worry gene I have}, so kept it pretty quiet til we got home. So I will back to pestering you all on my IG stories come tomorrow ;-P

Before I get into our weekend, I’ve shared before here on some ways I handle leaving the kids behind. Honestly they handle it better than I do.

Leaving goodies for them to open each day I am gone, helps the countdown move quickly and keeps the kids excitement high {no room to be sad about missing us}!  It’s usually things I buy anyway from time to time that need replaced. This year I left them;

  • This game for the night they stayed with my parents. All of my girlfriends got their families for Christmas and was a hit.
  • A “bath kit” for the night they got passed to Chad’s mom. My kids LOVE to make slime {ok, not slimmmmme, but really a mix of shampoo, shaving creams, etc} so put this, this, this, and this in there. Plus I threw in 4 big ole spoons!
  • Lastly, left them this and this to entertain them the day before we got home.

This time leaving them, Grant is in school, so left these notes for our sitter to stick in his lunch the two days we were gone! Hehehe. I laughed writing them, and KNOW he got a big kick out of them at school!

Also left some by their toothbrushes to discover later. Stella called us cracking up when she found them.

Ok, now back to San Diego {I can’t type that without saying it like Ron Burgundy in my head}.

Where did you stay?

We stayed at the Pendry Hotel, and I CAN NOT say enough amazing things aboutthis spot.It’s a boutique style hotel right in the heart of San Diego’s Gaslight district. Literally there were probably four Starbucks within a 5 block radius and bars and restaurants everywhere!

When you first check in, they have this little beverage cart with water and delicious juice. So cute, right? And they they told us if we take the juice to the bar, and tell the bartender the secret phrase, he will throw some alcohol in it. The phrase of the day was “on point”, so of course right away we had to give it a try! Hehehe! So fun!

The staff and service was AMAZING. Everyone was kind and helpful and so smiley!

Our room was beautiful! I am obsessed with all the blue and white wallpaper and it had me wanted to really decorate our bedroom when we got home! There was a shower in the middle of the room in a big glass case. Waterfall shower heads. So spa-like feeling.

The view was nice and look out over the spa and pool area. Head to toe windows and lots of sunlight are a wonderful combination.

One last thing about the hotel, was that it had a champagne vending machine near the lobby. I mean…right?!

What is there to do?

Ok, While I am sure there are a million things to do in a town like San Diego, we didn’t have the kids so I had no interest in doing annnnnyyyything kid related without them. And we did have his work to work around, soooo…our first “to do” was the Pendry Spa.


I have really come to appreciate a spa since having kids! Ha! A place to escape!! We booked a couples massage and it did not disappoint! We went down about an hour early and Chad soaked in the hot tub while I read a book in the garden area. It was actually pretty cool that day, so we didn’t spend any time in the pool, though the pool area was BEAUTIFUL!

There were also steam rooms, and quiet rooms inside the locker area to enjoy.

I snuck away our last day to get some shopping done. There was no way I was coming to a city this large and not checking out the shops!!

I ended up going to Fashion Valley Mall, and woah boy!! It was huge and outdoors {which I loved since the weather was so beautiful}. My favorite shop was Cotton On! I had never seen one, but their kids clothes were SO CUTE! I got a couple dresses for Stella…check out their site and look at the dresses under “dress up”. They also had Anthropologie, Nordstrom, H&M, Zara, Neiman Marcus, and Lorna Jane that I loved popping in.

One last thing we did, was visit La Jolla! It was beautiful!!!

We had a lunch reservation so just explored a little, but went into a little gift shop that had a cave under it! You went down 147 steps through a cave and popped out at the bottom, and on the ocean! Pretty neat! The walk up…not so neat ;-P

If we had had more time, I would have liked to pack some extra workout clothes and hiked one of the paths along the beach in La Jolla. I also think Children’s Beach sounded like a super cool place to check out! Next time..

What did you pack?

  • Layers are super important when traveling! I wore this cardigan on the way out, but threw on more than once! I also want this black version!
  • ordered this tiered sleeve tee before I left and was perfect with these jeans for knocking around town during the day. And only $35.
  • these tennis shoes took me to and from Starbucks each morning…and right past the gym! Whoops! Major bonus, no laces to do up!
  • Chad got me this coat for Christmas and it went with everything from my blue jeans to my evening dresses! Now is on sale.
  • This dress {that I also wore here}, is flattering for every body type! I pair with OTK boots for an evening out. A steal at $80 and can easily be dressed up or down.  Also wore this, which I snagged on the ShopBop sale and love.
  • Forgot a swimsuit for the spa, but found this super cute one for $30! {currently on sale for $40 but used a 25%off coupon code}. Look how cute it is in stripes!
  • a $29 little black dress. plus sleeves. yes please.
  • Shoes: brought my beloved free people flats {here is TARGETS version. run now}, these new babies I got for spring, some otk boots, and tennis shoes.

Here are some of the things that were in my suitcase, or that I would have clicked “purchase” on if we had had more time in the city:

Where did you eat?

We ate so much good food. Like amazing food. Going to break it down real quick with where our favorite spots were and what we would recommend!

  • Rustic Root– This was just half a block down from our hotel and the rooftop bar was so cute and hip! Heat lamps kept us from being too cool in the night air…and warm enough to drink a frozen moscow mule! YUM! As far as food goes, I had seared tuna and orzo which was phenomenal. Chad had a steak and fries which was equally wonderful. But the highlight of our dinner was probably the aioli that came with the fries!! I wish I could have bought a bottle.
  • American Junkie– grabbed nachos there one of the afternoons…not amazing. But got to sit in a booth right on the sidewalk so had excellent people watching.
  • Lionfish– Ate with a large group for Chad’s conference and all our food was served family style. I loved this because I got to try everything! And truthfully everything I tried was wonderful! My favorite was probably the __shrimp {little spicy} and the __ potatoes. But truly everything I tried was delicious.
  • Georges {La Jolla}– sat upstairs on the rooftop patio and this is my MUST if you are in the area. We got to sit overlooking the ocean and watched kayakers, and even a couple crazy swimmers. I got the faro salad with seared yellowfin tunaand it was one of my favorite dishes I have ever eaten!! Like ever!!
  • Eddie V’s– we spent over 3 hours here eating and chatting with friends our first night in. Didn’t love the atmosphere or the food to be honest with ya…and it was probably the most pricey place we went. We looked up pics before hand, and think we messed up Eddie V’s ‘San Diego’ with Eddie V’s ‘La Jolla’! Whoops!
  • Barley Mash-Just got drinks here one afternoon, and is a fun outdoor/indoor atmosphere! Reminded me of a college bar. Loved all the patio seating outside near the sidewalk to people watch again. I got the “champagne cocktail” was was so good I had to order another!
  • Provisional- This is the first place we hit for brunch when we landed. It is attached to our hotel lobby so was a quick decision. It is a beautiful restaurant!! We sat on a green velvet sofa and ordered avocado toast. It was delish. Another bonus with this restaurant is they offer free mimosas for Sunday brunch…so if you time it right, that is a pretty good deal!

What are some of my travel favorites?

Welp, that’s pretty much our trip in a nutshell. We had a good time, but were up and ready at the airport several hours before our flight because we were so ready to get home and see our babies!!!

One random note about San Diego….nowhere we went had Dr. Pepper or Mr. Pibb. Like restaurants, our hotel…is that normal? Why is this?! I am having some major withdrawals.

But aside from my withdrawals, I am already planning a trip back out though, with the kids…because there looks like there is much to do! Have you ever been? Would love any tips or recommendations!!!