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Gill Getaway- Singer Island, Florida

When Chad asked what I wanted for Christmas, I said all I wanted family vacation that I didn’t have to plan. #decisionmakingproblems. Welp, he did it! Booked us a long weekend in Singer Island, Florida {right next to Palm Beach}. We love Marriotts {click here to see our favorite resort of all time ever} and he was able to get a deal at the Marriott Singer Island resort. Let’s start off with the positives, right? Because those are the things I am taking away from our time in Florida…. If you followed us on instastory, you know that my kids LOVED….LOOOOVVVVEEEDD the waterslide at the pool. Like, we spent 80% of our vacation going down the waterslide. We also went here every single day. Bahama Bucks had a freakish number of flavors for snow cones and could get ice cream in it, and had a bunch of games boxed up you could play while you ate. Plus the staff was young and super kind, and patient while we picked our flavors. My favorite was Stella got half Princess half Warhead…that is SO HER! And ya’ll, the grilled cheese at the resort was flipping amazing. Which was good, because it was pretty much all Grant ate everyday {picky eater…a whole nother post}. Truth be told, aside from the above, we didn’t love much else about our location. I’ve hesitated to say this because I don’t want to ever complain about a vacation, but have had so many people message me wanting the details on where we stayed and is based off of the pictures I shared on social media, that I want to make sure not to mislead anyone. I will love every vacation I have ever taken with my peeps, and I can find amazing moments in everyday, but if I had to rank vacations, this one fell flatter than others. The kids were great, but the resort was disappointing. The most disappointing thing was the rude people. Seriously it was kind of mind blowing. When Chad went to check in and asked if our room was ready, the gal looked at him and said “I don’t know, is it?”. ummmm. And about 70 percent of the staff we encountered were that way. There were also like zero people at the resort vacationing. Like seriously we were the only people at the pool the first day. Which was funny because there were signs everywhere about not saving seats. bahaha..oooookkkkk. But it was pretty bizarre. The pool bar/grill {actually all the outdoor bars including the one down by the beach entrance} closed at 4:30. I am talking no happy hour, no iced tea refills, nothing. Which is hard for us because we are “play until they collapse” people and would have probably eaten dinner poolside every night if it were an option. Combing the two above: remember the awesome water slide my kids loved, well it was manned by the “towel girl” who was stationed over by the bar. And kids had to be like 45″ or something to ride. Welllllll both mine were too short but are great swimmers, I was at the bottom of the slide, and NO ONE WAS AT THE POOL. So we let them go again and again and again…until she stopped us {after watching us for a long time}. I get it. Rules are rules. and if there had been other kids there, or I had been ignoring them and drowning myself in Pina Coladas…but there was NO ONE and Chad and I were clearly watching them. Well she told them they had to go with an adult. So chad took the two down. Then she stopped us again and said that we could only take one at a time. And I get it. Rules. Liabilities. blahhhhhhh. But we had Beau and couldn’t leave him to slide….so we took turns…and actually left shortly after. We learned after that first day that she didn’t work until late afternoon, so we got there early every day to waterslide until she got there ;-D ha!! Swear I am not trying to teach my kids to break rules…but I was trying to save the vacation. The beach at the resort was a little gritty and again had no people. I actually love having other kids around because mine love to play with them, so I was bummed it was so quiet. And the sand gave Grant some sort of rash because of the texture, plus Beau still HATES sand, so we didn’t last long before heading to the hot tub. A plus for the beach was that there were a lot of shells that were still in their “entirety”. As a kid I used to hunt for those! So that was neat! All in all, my 5 had a wonderful time and enjoyed being together, but it isn’t a place we plan on going back to. Do I sound whiny? I swear I am just trying to give a truthful review to help you plan your families vacations! Next week will be sharing about the Dominican in a multiple post series and THAT was a trip that I can’t find one thing to complain about!!

Have you found a perfect vacation spot for a family with small kiddos? If so please share in the comments!! Traveling with my kids is time and money well spent and I am already trying to decide where we are headed next! xoxo p.s. With spring break right around the corner, I thought I would link my “vacation uniform” here for you!

Click here to watch our family video of our trip.