November 12, 2017 1 Comment Family

Unicorn Photoshoot & Dress Rentals

So one of the preschool mamas set up a photoshoot for a bunch of the girls in Stella’s class.  I was like “hell yes we will be there!”…I mean can you imagine…15, 5 year olds in tulle on a farm…Stella and I couldn’t wait!  It was with local photographer Cara Hill, and Cooter the unicorn.

I am sharing the ones that I snapped with my phone here because these girls look so stinking cute and I want Stella to have them somewhere where she can find them in the future. Hopefully these girls will stay close friends for years and years to come!

I’ve also gotten a lot of questions about Stella’s dress, which is a gorgeous {almost $200} Tutu Du Monde dress {shighhhhh}…and was rented, because LORD KNOWS I can’t spend that on a toddler dress! That’s right! We rented from a company called Rainey’s Closet for a FRACTION of what it costs! I’ve loved Tutu Du Monde’s dresses for forever…but just can’t justify the cost over here..until now.

They send the return label and packaging with the dress. So it’s super easy. Click here to be taken directly to the site and start earning rewards! I rented this dress {which retails for $175} already for Stella’s Christmas program. So nice to be done with thinking about it! Will just show up the day before her program and head back to the company after!

Now for the pics!

I mean…can you even??

Looking forward to watching all of these little hens grow up together!