February 2, 2018 0 Comments Family, Gift Guides

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for the Man in your Life

Hey friends! Valentine’s Day is just around the bend and wanted to share with you some of my current faves for the man in your life! Sharing things Chad has gotten and LOVES or things I am considering getting him myself! I really do enjoy shopping for the people I love.

So let’s get to it!

  • Chad got these joggers in his last trunk club. It may be my favorite man-purchase from Spring. Not as baggy as his normal sweats, but not so stylish that he won’t wear. He wears them every time they are clean. This is a must for your guy, no matter what kind of guy he is.
  • Better yet, sign your hubby or boyfriend up for Trunk Club. Seriously they will thank you. Shopping and style made easy.
  • Great shirt for the gym or just weekending with the kids.
  • Robes. Always a bomb gift, especially in february when it is freezing. I am considering replacing Chad’s old one with this one.
  • Put this in your man’s shower, and it will get his day off to a better start. Even the small guys in my life love it. Ha! Or if your man shaves in the shower, consider this one.
  • This for your home or his office. Lots of fun ways to use.
  • If you don’t have a single cup coffee machine, now is the time. Because once you are a grown-up, nothing says love like caffeine in the morning.
  • Does he have resolutions to get healthy and fit in 2018?Then  These headphones are Chad’s favorite.
  • On the “let’s live our best lives and get our shit together”‘ theme for the year, I have seriously toyed with surprising Chad with one of these watches. I can’t decide if he would love it or hate it! He is such a numbers guy that I think he would love to see how hard he worked at the end of the day, and naturally challenge himself to do better the next. Thoughts?

Maybe you all were like us, and went a little cray at Christmas, and are still trying to get the ole budget back on track…here are some ideas for you that won’t break the bank. {and I’m sorry but this GIF and this movie scene will just never get old.}

Play freakin-hooky! Send the kids to school, or to grandma’s, call in sick, and spend the day together. Put your feet up and watch Netflix, go see a Movie, look up potential vacation spots, or organize your house…ok that last one isn’t any fun, but my point is, hang out. Go for a drive, turn up the music and just enjoy each other without all the everyday noise…It’s often a luxury those of us with small kids don’t have a lot of.

Clean out your spouses car…ok maybe this should go on the gift guide from girls, but nothing says love like a clean car. Hint, hint, Chad. **ps I don’t know who this girl is, but I totallllllllly get her. And I think I had that steering wheel cover in high school**

Find a karaoke night or have one at your house {after a bottle or two of wine}. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a good time at karaoke, and there is no better feeling than laughing hard with your person.

Print off pictures from your instagram {I personally love social print studio for that}, and leave pics around the house or office with little notes on the back for them to find. Or use your instaxx camera and take some fun shots!

Get your person a subscription to a wine of the month club. Something to look forward to every month and a reason to cheers! Or if he isn’t a wine drinker, maybe the dollar shave club! My dad loves this and its super cheap!

Fix his morning cup of coffee for him. Or better yet, if you can, let him sleep in, then fix his coffee. Give him a kid-free shower in the morning. Hug him when we walks in the door from work. Show love whenever an opportunity presents itself.

And maybe a just a card actually tellllllling him all the wonderful things that you think about him in your head, but that don’t always make it outta your mouth.

Happy Valentines Day friends. Remember, it doesn’t have to cost a dime to let someone know you really love them. {but if you do wanna spend some dimes, I hope this helps!}