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Valentine’s Day with the kids

Let’s be real honest. Valentines Day is for lovers. But when you have small people in the house, they up the fun of any holiday!

I grew up in a home where my mom made every holiday seem so big and exciting! So I hope to pass on the same love to my kids!

Before we start, I think February is an awesome time to talk with your kids about how we can show love everyday to all people we come across. These are easy car and dinner convo’s…How can we love our teachers better? Our parents? Each other? The kid who looks sad on the playground? The kid who waits in pick up line next to you? On this note, my cousin has been spreading love to the police officers in her area! Such a neat idea. Click here to read about it and join the movement!

I also shared in my stories that I have a stack of hearts in our kitchen, and when the kids go to bed at night, I write one thing I love about them on it and stick it to the mirrors in their room. Grant wakes up and runs right to it every morning. Means more to them than I realized it would. Such a great way to start our days this month.

So now, going to share some fun gifts for your babies, as well as some ways to up the fun this Valentine’s Day! And remember, I am a simple girl…so these aren’t things you will find on any pinterest feed.

  • This. Hands down my favorite idea for a valentine’s day gift for you girl {don’t care what age}, or this for your boy. We have had SO much fun with ours. Kids use. We use. And I find their pics all over the house and it always makes me so happy! Valentine’s Day is all about love and what a fun way to capture your family and the love and fun you have together! Seriously. Just stop reading here and go snag ya one. Then have a family shoot.
  • Have a family movie night. Red, pink and white jammies only. Put on Lady and the Tramp {romantic right?!} and make some “valentine’s popcorn”. By “valentine’s popcorn”, I mean pop some corn, then throw a handful of valentines fruit snacks in there, or red and pink m&m’s. We’ve always put candy in our popcorn for movie nights so this would just add a dash of fun. Maybe even some pink sprinkles?
    • Love these and these jammies for girls.
    • Love these for the boys. {or these if your boy is like G and just wears underwear}
    • But truthfully, I may order all 3 of my kids matching ones from here.
  • Have heart shaped pizza for dinner. Papa Murphy’s offers these every year. Or better yet, make homemade heart pizzas together!
  • Have a “heart hunt”. Cut out paper hearts {can do this together or on own}, then hide them throughout the house. Whoever finds the most wins a prize. This book would make for a perfect prize, that could be used at bedtime!
  • Buy sparking grape juice and use wine glasses. Trust. They will love and feel all sorts of fancy. And fits with the red, pink, purple color scheme.
  • This pop tart purse filled with a heart note pad and pen for writing love notes all day has Stella written all over this. And this sweatshirt! Love!

  • Decorate the house together! Target will never fail you in this department. Or if that overwhelms you {like me}, I love to decorate the table the night before Valentines Day. Cheap plastic table cloth, candy hearts, maybe a garland, a few goodies for your kiddos, and some pink balloons on the floor. Simple but creates a lot of excitement that morning!
  • Fill a box of chocolates for your kiddo’s school lunch that day…this will take some creativity {and for someone to eat the chocolate before hand! Winner!} but would be so fun! I am going to give this one a try for G this year I think!

Well friends! So sorry this post is making it to the blog so late into February! I’m working on that whole “get organized” bit….promise.

If you need a last minute outfit for Valentine’s, check these out! Can overnight or would definitely make it in time for the weekend if you need something! This is what I am wearing for Valentine’s Day!

Hope you all have a happy week and a wonderful Valentines Day!