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Ways to bring excitement to your Halloween for less than $5 and in less than 5 min

Happy Halloween Eve all!

Ok, before I get started, this popped up on my feed today and made me LOL! I WISH I had these to hand out at the kid’s halloween party tomorrow!! THEY WOULD DIE! Ahaha {evil laugh}.

As a 2nd grade teacher, Halloween was one of my favorite holidays! Its such a kid-fun, kid-centered day of magic! Now that I have kids of my own, I love to make the day{s} leading up to it extra special for them!

But if you know me well, you know I TOTALLY procrastinated and am tight on time {and resources since I live an hours drive from a Target}, so I was brainstorming ways to make Halloween extra special for my crew this year.

Here is what I came up with…and honestly if you have any ideas, please comment here {I will post them} or on my instagram post so we can all pick each other’s brains and make it the most fun Halloween yet!!

*Monster Donuts for Breakfast*

  • supplies: donuts, vampire teeth…fake blood {red icing} if you wanna get cray.

*Drive to School*

  • Buy a fake spider and throw it on their booster…told you these were simply ideas…but if you have a 6 year old boy, he will love it…and probably use said spider to prank his friends {or you} later.
  • Download “Monster Mash” and JAM OUT in the car…or here is a list of other songs you can throw on. CLICK HERE for a creepy playlist!

*Lunch Treats*

  • Ghost Boogers: I wish I could see Grant’s face when he opens his lunch and sees these! Just throw some marshmallows in a baggie and a “ghost boogers” in sharpie on the outside. A cheap and easy win!
  • BOO-nana: Need a banana and a sharpie. ;-P Healthy and clever. 
  • Grab a sharpie and fix up a clementine Jack-O-Lantern or a spooky string cheese.
  • Mummified applesauce: all you need is a little toilet paper!
  • Ok, this sandwich is just awesome…with my kids, the grosser the better.
  • Lastly, last year I unrolled a handful of tootsie rolls in their lunch and said it was bat poop…another winner.


*Pick up/Hook up Line*

  • Grab a mask, and throw that baby on and roll up to get your kid. I guarantee mine will laugh!!
  • Have other kids? Let them wear a creepy mask too. The dollar store has some fun goodies!!


*Cheap and Easy Dinner Recipe*

Ok, lets be honest, no one has a bunch of time for dinner…or room in their bellies because we are gonna load up on candy. For the last two years, my family has made it a tradition to hit up Sonic on our way trick or treating for some 50cent corndogs! We can eat as we go door to door, plus it costs less than $5 to feed us all!

*Random ways to bring the fun*

  • Grab a handful of glow sticks and bracelets at the store. We cover our kids in them for trick or treating…around the ankles is an easy trick if they don’t like wrists. Fun and SAFE.
  • Look up some fun jokes. I grew up in St. Louis where you had to tell a joke at every house to get candy. My kids LOVE jokes, so having a few ready to drop throughout the day is an easy way to bring the fun. CLICK HERE for 85 fun kid Halloween jokes.
  • Have your kids make this trail mix snack…we have done this the last two years and they always get a kick out of it!
  • Have some time to kill between school and trick or treating? Have some contests…we love these for family nights! We will be having a pumpkin seed spitting contest, halloween music dance contest, and possibly a pumpkin rolling contest {what else are we gonna do with these pumpkins?…pumpkin throw contest?} Other ideas are how many ghost boogers we can stuff in our mouths, ghost booger stacking, etc…
  • Lastly, dress up too! My kids have gotten such a kick out of the fact that Chad and I are dressing up with them!! I am going as this and Chad as this!…if you saw my post the other day, G thinks this is extra fun because he is dressing up as this.

Hope you all have a very magical and fun Halloween!! Like I said, if you have any easy and exciting tricks up your sleeve, drop a comment over on my IG so we can all steal!!