February 4, 2018 2 Comments Family

When you find yourself raising a Stella.

Motherhood is a funny beast.

There is no manual, or how-to.

There is no real right and wrong.

And each child you have, can be raised and treated the same, but turn out totally different.

Before I even get to what’s rolling around in my head, I want to say how fortunate I realize I am to be a mom to these 3. They are each so different. And so amazing. I feel intensely thankful each night when they go to bed {well a. because they are in bed and b.} because I get to call them “mine”.

But the older they get, the more I realize what a gift it is when God gives you a Stella.

Stellas come out of the womb an easy baby. Content to chill and hang out. Smiling easily. They never lose that actually.

Stellas speak well before babies are really supposed to. In full sentences. And already dripping in sarcasm and humor. Stellas are funny as hell, but also make for a lively audience member.

Stellas walk early. But never wonder away like most babies do. They are like tiny adults who can already listen, and understand. It’s probably about this age that I started to realize God gave me something special with Stella.

Stellas are always eager to help in the mom-department. Laundry, dishes, cooking. They want in. They view moms as peers as much as they do mothers I think.

Stellas have opinons. On everything. But mostly on how they present themselves to the world.

And that may be because Stellas are SO SURE of who they are. And what they want to wear. And probably want to tell you what you should wear too.

Stellas are brave.

Stellas are bold.

But when a Stella lets you in her inner circle, you see first hand what a tender heart she has. She gets nervous, and anxious. She can get allllllll up in her feels. Her strength often drawn from the love she feels from those around her. Her tough exterior is just that, an exterior.

Stellas run the show. And when they talk about “girls running the world”, I’m fairly certain they are talking about Stellas.

But don’t get it twisted.

Stellas are also kind. They are certainly the most loving of all the kids out there. When you are hurt, a Stella will likely come to your aid. She will fix you up, kiss your face, and check in on you later.

And even though Stellas live loud, they also live {and love} to please. They wanna make you happy. Because that truly makes them happy.

Stellas are fiercely loyal. Note the fierce part. That should make the upcoming teenage years a pretty good time {said no mom ever}. But it’s true. If you have a Stella by your side, fear not. She’s got your back


Stellas are savvy. I think you could drop a Stella off on a random street corner and she’d find her way back just fine. Stella’s are more interested in the world, than in paper-pencil learning. They read people. And are mature well beyond their years.

Stellas make for amazing teachers. and tv hosts. and singers. and fashion designers. and doctors. and bloggers. and vets. and marketing directors. and authors. and chefs. and artists. and scientists. and librarians {just kidding. Stellas are too loud by nature from that one}. and business owners. and pediatricians. and real estate gurus. and race car drivers.

Did I mention Stellas believe in anything. and everything. and totally in themselves.

I am so lucky to have been chosen to raise a Stella. To sit shot gun to what is bound to be an incredible ride.

But raising a Stella doesn’t come without bumps in the road and a lot of wrong turns. Which I find myself making from time to time.

But Stellas are also patient and very resilient to less than stellar parenting. That whole ‘wise beyond their years’ thing helps here.  And Stellas make it easy to put the train back on the tracks.

So, to my own Stella girl, I look so forward to all you have to teach me in the coming years. You are one of the very best parts of my life.

Love you real big.


sister. we seriously love you.

And we also love Ashley Mosier from Ashley Mosier photography for these amazing pictures that capture our girl so perfectly.