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On My Mind Monday

Happy Monday all! Back in the swing of the New Year, and like always I am already running behind! Ha! But since we are old friends by now, you already expected that right?!

On my mind this Monday are….

*Did you know this years color was GREEN? More specifically “greenery” {think a yellow-y green}.  Based on the movement to be more environmentally friendly.  I was pretty surprised, though I am not sure what I really expected it to be? And just something to keep in mind as you shop 🙂  If you want to see how my girl, Rachel Zoe, plans on staying on trend AND in this years color, check out her article here.

As for my wardrobe, I am considering this or this to bring the green.

Random tangent, but if I could plant myself into any girl group in Hollywood, or just have lunch with, it would hands down be R.Zoe, Kate Hudson and Nicole Richie….um can we all say dream team! I love when they pop into each others insta stories!! Girl power!

Who would your dream lunch date be with??

*Golden Globes. I don’t care so much about the awards…but oh I do love the red carpet. I don’t feel like Drew Barrymore got much credit, but her dress was easily my fave. Stunning. And did anyone else notice EVERY MAN had a beard of some sort. Chad says after summer he is on board….and after seeing some of those Hollywood men, I am too! Ha! Who was your best dressed? Annnnnd can we please talk about Ryan Gosling’s shout out to his wife for holding it down while he filmed. I mean….love him.

*#deathbyKayla. What am I talking about? Click here to read about my workout plan…but if you are looking for a new way to bring you near death a couple days a week, now is a great time to start! Kayla just kicked off a worldwide 12 week plan! My workout buddy Marissa and I are venturing into week 22, but 3 more of my girlfriends joined us this morning and started with the Kayla movement on week one. And let me just say for the record that they did SO MUCH BETTER THAN I DID. I was unable to finish the 28 minutes when I first started and may have cried a couple times ;-P But having someone to do it with is SO KEY! Click here to follow Kayla {who is super motivating} on insta and join us!!!

*BACHELOR TONIGHT! My girlfriends and I have text-chained, and gotten together and watched for yearrrrrrrs now. But this year we have gotten serious. We set up a fantasy league {click here to set up your own}, with some Nordstrom cash on the line…makes watching it all the more fun. Tonight we will gather here to watch it again and I can’t wait! Girl time + Chris Harrison…what’s better than that?! PS. If ABC picks up on this…we would be down for the hometown watch visits!! The world needs to be introduced to Dexter, MO!! Who is your top pick for Nick??ps. wasn’t a huge Nick fan in the beginning {like first season} of his Bachelor days {along with the rest of America}, and didn’t get the appeal…and then my friend had me start following him on insta…who knew?! Following now…

Alright girlies, off to chase Beau and finish the laundry! Hope your Monday is off to a rockin start!


pps. the coat from my insta pic is this one, except it is now only available in black and gray {BUT I LOVE IT}…but if you are local, Marshall’s Poplar Bluff had an almost exact knock off. Sweater is this one from free people, but I think is only available now in cream.