A Beau-less Vacation??

Why I may be planning a family vacation without members of my family.

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Chad and I have been talking about wanting to get back to the beach with the fam…aka our happy place. And aside from where and when to go, is the question of who to take.

Let me back up a second.

I love my kids a whole, whole lot. Like probably not a normal amount. But I am constantly dreaming of ‘getting a break’ and taking a vacation…or night out… or trip to Target, without them. BUT. Seriously the second I leave them, I want to turn right around and be right back with them!!! What is that?!?
It’s a crazy train yoyo that my husband doesn’t quite seem to understand. {and honestly I don’t understand it either}. I’m hoping maybe this is a mama thing and that I don’t need to be institutionalized later down the line…
Anyway, my first choice is always to take my kids whenever we take a trip. Until we get there, then I sometimes wish we’d left them behind ? they are TODDLERS and that equals a lot of work on vacation.

And I am ok with work…
But then there is Beau.

Have you ever met an 18 month old boy?
Now I can’t speak for all, but mine is on a constant death mission. Like, looking daily for ways to injure and kill himself.Down the stairs head first? Totally. Licking the outlets? Well obviously! Crawling back behind furniture that is too heavy for me to move and retrieve him? Daily. Putting every Lego and Barbie shoe he can find in his mouth? Uh huh. See this fun jump-jump we got you to play in? Oh wait, you would rather run as fast as you can in the other direction and into oncoming traffic. Trying to cannonball into the deep end of the pool? Well if Grant can
You get my drift.
Kid hates a highchair. Hates a stroller. Is totally over his car seat. Basically hates all form of “stillness” or “restraint”. Doesn’t like to play on the iPad yet {what a wonderful stage that is when the learn to love it}. Can’t quite say what he wants, or do what he wants himself.
We are knee deep in a stage of “non-stop, on the go, constant supervision and thinking he is bigger than he is”.


Now don’t get me wrong. We are also in the stage of big hugs, cuddly mornings, wobbly steps {that T-Rex walk…I die}, nicknames for the sibs {lala and bub}, new words, baby bellies, chubby feet and EXCITEMENT. And I love every {honestly…I mean most} moments I have with him.

But traveling with him sounds MISERABLE. Like majorly.
I am such a mix of mama guilt over potentially not taking B with us, and knowing what a fun time we would have doing things the bigs could do…staying out all day, skipping naps, playing in the ocean, building castles, eating out ?.
I feel like I have to make a choice between a fun trip for the bigs {and honestly chad and I} or a trip for all of us, that has me tired even thinking about it.

And seriously people,when I started typing this, I was dead set on leaving Beau with the grandparents and having an relaxing vacay {because when you are used to chasing a baby all day, a 3 and 5 year old feel like major relaxation} . Buuuuut as I type this, he is literally hollering “mama” in the sweetest voice and clinging to to my legs giggling as he thinks it funny to stick his hands in and out of all the holes in my jeans.

and I mean, how can I leave him behind??? Omg I love him.
Do you see the psychotic pendulum I am constantly swinging on?!
So, not sure what we will do. Just throwing this out there, really for advice {tho likely for some judgement too}. And to see if any of you have any fav family beach spots you’d like to share! Always down to try a new place. Seriously, help a sister out!

11 thoughts on “A Beau-less Vacation??

  1. Stacy

    Morning! I love your blog. It’s real. And this issue is REAL! Here’s the deal….you leave Beau with his loving grandparents and you 4 set out for some fun!! Beau won’t remember this trip anyway- ammi right?!

    We started going to Rosemary Beach, FL every year w the fam and love it! Great fam spot. Beautiful sand and ocean. Walk or ride bikes to restaurants, ice cream, shops, etc. Its between Destin and Panama City (closest airport EPC-15miles). There is a string of other towns to stay in too- seaside, Santa Rosa, sea crest…good luck planning!

    1. Admin Post author

      JUST figured out how to find these comments.Ha! And thanks Stacy!! I think you are right!!

  2. John Atkinson

    As Stacy said above, Beau won’t remember the trip anyway. However, you will. Every time you go back and look at those family vacation photos, Beau won’t be there. Every time your family looks at them when Beau is older, he will know he was not there. Maybe he will understand that he was only 18 months old, maybe he won’t. I know if it were me and my son who is now 8 is looking at family photographs, and he was not in them, guilt would drive me insane. Okay don’t take this as advice or judgement. We can’t leave the boys at a sitter for one night without being miserable. Nor can we leave the dog when we go someplace. My other long-time worry about going somewhere very far without the kids; What if something happens and we are 10 or 12 hours away? How could we manage to make it home without completely losing our minds?

  3. Jacqulyn

    I agree with Stacy! Beau will enjoy being spoiled by his grandparents! I’m sure he will send you lots of videos, so you can see how much fun he is having without you! ? You can have some serious girl time with Stella ????????? while Chad and Grant find trouble???!! You will miss him and you will worry about him, but he will be absolutely fine!

    If you decide to take him, take a sitter! Problem sort of solved! ?

  4. Julie Welker

    Compromise with a slightly shorter vacation than normal (less time away from the Beau) and he gets some quality one-on-one time with the grandparents. I think the memories made with the big out-weigh any guilt. We are trying out Orange Beach, Alabama next week! It was closer to home than driving all the way to Florida!!!

  5. Marissa

    Girl you are so normal! I have had this entire thought process every year about vacation until this year! As you already know?

  6. Katy

    Beau could stay with me but he has an aversion to me! Ha! One-on-one with those bigs sounds pretty fun for all! Although for me it would be hard to not have them all there. I struggle with kid free trips so I’m no help & that struggle is real. Take your momma? You know that’s what I would do. 🙂

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