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A Day in the Life

Happy Monday friends!

Couple things to share as we kick off the week…SUPER {SUPER} excited about guest blogging over at the A Little Bit Of Everything Blog today on all the ways we own our crazy in the Gill household!

Erika Slaughter, the woman behind the blog, has been so helpful to me in navigating this blogging world. Our mutual friend Katy hooked us up, and she is one of those girls I instantly liked! Her blog is full of her ridiculously cute family, her life, favorite things, and “a little bit of everything” else. Head on over and check it out!

Also, interrupting our normal “On My Mind” Monday posts to share “A Day in the Life”. I did this post last year and it was so fun to take the time to document an ordinary day in our life. While there is no “typical” day as a stay at home mom, I think it’s fun to take a sneak peak into people lives {Hi! Nosey over here}, and I’m just sharing some of my life with you!

I try to pick two very random days a year to do this. One happened to be this past Saturday. {please note I wasn’t very good at taking pictures because, well, #sickkids}

So, here we go, sharing a day in the life…

Sometime in the early morning hours

Grant, and then Stella, make their way down to our room where they get into sleeping bags beside our bed. We have had some recent sleep issues and are working on a solution for our family..currently sleeping bags and a sticker chart are working ok.


Grant is up and he and Chad hang in the living room and enjoy some coffee and cartoons.


Beau’s been yelling for “mama” for about 5 minutes now, so Stella and I get outta bed and head up to get him up. Happiest morning baby ever.


Coffee. Salted Carmel Protein bar. And taking Grant’s temp because he says he isn’t feeling too great. Super low grade temp, think maybe he is just overtired. P.S. I should say that this is the first day we have seen the sun in 2017. THE FIRST DAY. And it’s 67 degrees. I have high hopes for the park, and play dates, and friends today!


Chad heads out to go work on some hunting land with some of his friends.


Babysitter comes over to hang out with the boys while I run Stella to a birthday party.


Skips into birthday party. It’s at the local donut shop and may just be the cutest little party I have ever seen. Stella hung behind my legs and acted super shy. This is normal for her, even though at home, her personality is huge. It can take her awhile to warm…so I didn’t think anything when she said her tummy hurt. Assumed nerves.


Never assume. Throws up all over the birthday party. Left the party, and made a stop at Sonic for Sprites and a route 44 half Diet Coke half Dr. Pepper. Stella then throws up her Sprite before we make it home. This is the first time I’ve had to ever strip a carseat {I feel like that is pretty awesome with 3 kids right?}…we aren’t pukers.


Get back home, take Grant’s temp again. 103.5. Gonna be a fun day 😛


Stella is laying down with a bucket {just in case}, Grant is sitting in the bathtub watching his iPad {propped up on the side}, and Beau is playing at his train table so I fix a quick lunch. It’s not pretty, but its fast, super yummy and high in protein. Did I mention it’s fast?

-Ground Turkey, Black Beans, Wal-Mart’s White Bean and Corn Salsa. And a GIANT SODA. #survival


We spent the rest of the day pretty much cuddling a sick kiddo, or playing with a wild one. Stella seemed to be fine after she threw up, so she helped me entertain Bowie.

Days like this are hard in that you feel like you fail everyone a little. Couldn’t just lay and rub Grant’s back all day like he wanted, couldn’t chase Beau or play with Stella…no one had my full attention, and everyone was needy. But where I fell short, they tend to step in and pick up the slack. Stella was a huge help with Beau, and both Beau and Stella would randomly wonder off and I would find them in bed with Grant. Thankful always that they have each other.


Chad gets home and joins in on the entertaining and cuddling…I didn’t realize until I wrote this but I didn’t make anyone dinner…ha! We just snacked our way through the day I guess. Protein bars, yogurts, “Trolls veggie straws”…they will be ok.


Beau, bed. Grant, fell asleep in my bed {we kicked Chad out since I knew it would be a long one with his constant fever and headache}. Stella fell asleep seriously mid-sentence talking to Chad. My kids never just pass out like this so I think she wore herself out, and maybe wasn’t feeling as good as she led on.


We hung out on the couch for a bit and talked about the day, then Chad and Stella headed up to the guest room for a slumber party and I went and got into bed with Grant. Wild wild Saturday night my friends.

Pretty sure I got a total of 3 hours of sleep…a sick kid is a lot like a newborn baby. But man I am outta practice and its gonna take a couple days to recover 🙂

Welp, that’s it. Not a very exciting day-but a very real one. Sometimes being a mom is very little glamour, and a lot of cleaning throw up out of a car seat. It’s sick, whiny kids and wild babies. It’s bath after bath and mess after mess.

But it’s also huge. and full. and wonderful. And when I look back at the pics I took to try to document our time, it’s so easy to see all the good stuff.

Even on the puking days.