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A whole other side to Instagram

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I post a lot of pictures of my kids on instagram and facebook. Why? Well because they are so freakin cute {kidding}. I like to share with family and friends and post in my chatbook albums at home.  But in the last couple months I have another purpose for posting.  I’ve heard from numerous mamas who have come across Beau’s pictures on my blog or through Instagram or Facebook.  They have reached out to ask questions, share their story and to share their hope in seeing him…a happy, healthy, beautiful baby.
  I can not explain how happy getting an email like this makes me. How much my heart goes out to this mom.  I’ve been her and I know EXACTLY how she feels.  If I can answer some questions, share some pictures and give her a virtual hug and high five that makes her take a deep breath and relax a little then I am MORE THAN happy to! Beau brings us smiles all day long, and I am thrilled those smiles are spreading across the country and making others smile too!
The following is an email I received a couple weeks ago {tho I am now receiving them almost daily} This mom is amazing. I now follow her on instagram and am cheering her and her beautiful family on from thousands of miles away!!
I have been meaning to send you a message from the first day I found your photo of your sweet boy on Instagram.  I started reading your blog and instantly felt a calm come across me.
Our stories are pretty similar. We are currently a family of four. Two boys, Finn 3.5 and Paxton 2. Baby #3 due dec 7. I work with special needs/behaviour children for our local school board and my husband runs a family construction company. At our 20 week ultra sound baby yawned and everything changed from there. We have since learned that babe (we don’t want to know the gender until it’s game time!) has a bilateral cleft lip and complete palate.  We are extremely fortunate to live in Canada and have one of the best children’s hospitals an hour away from us. We are being treated at McMaster Children’s hospital in Hamilton Ontario.
I was so overwhelmed, sad, scared, and unsure of myself as a mother that I felt like I was spinning in circles and getting lost in all the medical information. I had to step away from it, but still needed to know more. I wanted to see it in real life. A family going through what we were … I had hash tagged “cleft lip” and saw the words “cleft strong” and there was Beau.  My husband and I sat in bed that night looking at your photos, reading your blog, seeing a “normal” family extremely similar to ours thriving and making the most out of a situation that they had no control over and that I now know is not so bad or scary. 
You’ve prepared me for what was to come, shown me that it can be done! 
We have met with our cleft and palate team and I am so relieved that baby will not need a NAM (something I was terrified of). They no longer use them here. We will begin “taping” at 2 week and babe will have surgery around 3 months to repair the lip, 12 months palate repair. We were given 2 bottles to try out and decide which we would like to use. One being the Medela special needs bottle feeder and the doctor Browns.  I had remembered you talked about it and were lucky enough to try it out before it was even on market. Dr.Brown were the bottles I used with the boys and feel 100% confident in using them now. Our baby will be the first newborn at McMaster to start out using them right from birth.  Medela is available in Canada but the new Dr.Browns specialty feeding system bottle is not. I am trying to order just the one piece (looks like a blue button) since we already have an abundance of bottles but it never seems to go back in stock. 
I did have a few questions regarding your pregnancy, but please do not feel like you have to answer them. 
Did you have any complications? I have been transferred to the “high risk” care at McMaster and have been written off of work. I am carrying too much amniotic fluid and there is concern my water will break and come too early.  
Were you able to deliver vaginally or did you need to have a c section? Were you induced? 
I know everyone’s pregnancy’s are different but I like to be as prepared as possible lol!  I really hope you don’t mind this message. I am truly grateful that I found you .. It just reminds me that we’ve got this
How freakin awesome!! And I have BIG FAITH that the baby headed this mama’s way is going to do just great and be the best thing to ever happen to them.  We continue to chat thru messages and follow each other.  Cheering each other on through all the challenges and victories motherhood brings!