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Baby Shower Gifts with big VALUE!

Stella came with me this morning to a baby shower for a friend and when shopping for a gift, it made me think about the things I find most useful as a mom.  After 3, I feel like I have a good grasp on what is needed and what products are better than others…at least for my family! Each shower I go to or baby gift I give, I hope it has the same effect for that baby!

**{Still super new to blogging and am learning as I go.  I am working on learning how to link directly from this site, but haven’t gotten it figured out yet, so if you are interested in the product, you will have to cut and paste from below ;-)}**

So, here are my top, can’t live without baby items:

1.This is my CAN NOT LIVE OR FUNCTION WITHOUT baby item.


It is not cute, it is not cuddly, it is not fun to buy, but it is freakin amazing.  When  I was pregnant with my first, my older cousin {who is supermom. seriously} told me about this sound machine…in fact I think she actually got it for me.  It only plays white noise and has 2 volume options, but this baby it amazing.  It is small and travels easily but is loud enough to drown out any noise! Grant is now over 4 and his has been on in his bedroom every minute of everyday of his life {not that is a long life for a constantly run electronic}.  I should turn them off during the day but I ALWAYS forget.  Now, Stella and Beau both have one in their rooms too.  An added bonus is that Chad and I get to listen to it through each monitor in our room at night.  Chad dubbed it “the baby whisperer” because it not only puts the kids to sleep quickly, but knocks us out as well!!



2.  People love to give clothes at a shower and I try to avoid this because I think I was MOST excited as a new mom to go shopping for my baby and because everyone has different taste and styles.  I make one exception to this rule tho and that is for Kickee Pants!


They are the SOFTEST (like soft is not even the right word) onesies ever.  Plus they stretch so they fit for forever! Kid number one will probably just wear as pjs because you will also have a million cute outfits to put them in…but by time you are on number 3, he will wear all day long! ha!!The quality is amazing and all of our kickee pants have actually gone through all 3 of our kids and are still going strong.  I hope to hand-me-down someday to a friend who will hopefully love it as much as I have!

Side note, if you aren’t into Kickee Pants, then at least let me suggest you buy pjs/onesies with a zipper!!! That would be Chad’s number one baby item! hahaha!



3.  Ok, so most of my favorite things involve sleep, because lets be honest, there is nothing better than sleep once you have a kid.  The “Nap Nanny” is no longer available but I am posting the “current version”. 


The Nap Nanny is what all of my kids slept in for the first several months of their lives. It is inclined which is great for any reflux, belly aches, stuffy noses, etc.  I have been fortunate to have kids that are great sleepers (with the exception of Beau but that is a whole nother story) and this is definitely a reason why.  Beau still lays in our Nap Nanny sometimes when he is drinking a bottle or to recline and enjoy a little Mickey Mouse in the morning.



4.  Number 4 is really a gift for a mom who is having baby number 2 or 3…a Baby Bjorn.


We could not, would not, function without one.  I used some with Grant, but once Stella came along, I used all the time!! And Beau pretty much lives in it.  We have the original Bjorn, nothing fancy and no bells and whistles but is a life changer with multiple kids!



5.  Last, but no least, my go to gift for a shower is a Starbucks/Pedicure giftcard because mama is gonna need (and will deserve) both!