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Chores and earning some cold hard cash

Well this summer, the Gill household was pretty much a free for all in all ways.

The kids needed a wee bit of structure, and are SO into their toys.  I got really tired of the “can I have this?” over and over as we walked through Walmart, that I decided it’s time the kids start earning their own money.  Let them see the blood, sweat and tears that goes into earning it, saving it, and spending it. So we set out to create some chore charts…

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They are young {only 3 and 5} so we kept it simple.  Also, because I am NOT an organized person so we needed a system I could EASILY {EASSSSILY} keep up with.  So this is what we whipped up.

Simple chores they could do on their own.

  • Make their beds {pulling up covers, animals and pillows placed on top}
  • Read for 10 minutes I have done lots of “picture walks” with them, so they sit, near me, and “read” books they are familiar with for roughly 10 minutes…I seriously don’t even look at a clock, just let them read enough that they don’t lose interest but invest time in it. This can be done in the bathroom while I am getting ready, doing the dishes in the kitchen, folding laundry in the living room, etc.  Stella has even used her time to read to Beau before which is a win-win.
  • Pick up toys- I don’t mean all toys. Holy cow that would be overwhelming. I pick one zone, and they are to put those toys away IN THE CORRECT SPOTS.
  • Mommy Job– This is my favorite. It can be anything which fits our flexible lives.  It can be sorting laundry, putting clothes away, “babysitting” Beau while I shower, unloading groceries, etc. And there can be several “mommy jobs” that pop up during the day…flexibility people
  • Brush your teeth–  I have always brushed their teeth up until the last couple of months.  They have to do a good job {I check their teeth and pay attention how long they brush for}


And thats it.  For each job they complete, they can earn a sticker.  When they reach 20 stickers, they turn in their paper and earn $10.  The pages are kept with clips on our playroom wall and they each have a sticker sheet I keep in our junk drawer.  Easy, easy, easy.

Essentially they could earn $10 every 4 days.  That has yet to happen. More like $10 every couple weeks…but I don’t MAKE them do their chores {YET}, when they want to they can.  It’s up to them how badly they want to earn the toy in the commercial or not.

Also, there are chores they do sometimes just because I ask them to, because they are a part of this family and we all have to chip in now and again.

One last note…the last time they saved up their money, we looked up toys on amazon and they ordered from there.  AND LET ME TELL YOU, they LOVED it!!!!! We knew what days they would be delivered {thanks to amazon prime}, and they both jumped out of the car screaming the evening we pulled up and saw their packages on the front porch!!!! It was SO FUN to see!!

Ok, one more last note, I am big on kindness with the kids. Like, if my kids are ANYTHING in this world, I hope they are kind. So, occasionally they can earn stickers when “I catch them” being kind…like sharing what they are playing with without me asking, helping Beau reach something without me asking, comforting each other if they get hurt without me asking…do you get what I am saying ;-p I love seeing them take initiative with each other to be kind, and going a little out of their way to do so! They are go proud when I catch them and love slapping that sticker on their chart!!

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Hope you all have a great week!  I know everyone has their own opinions on paying kids for chores, not paying them for chores, having chores at all, charts, etc.  I am always open to new ideas, just sharing what is currently working for my crew!! Hugs all!