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Christmas Card 2015

So if you know me well you know that I am pretty much incapable of making decisions.  This is why we most likely didn’t get a card out last year {tho I am sure the birth of Beau also played into that} and why the year before I didn’t get them actually sent until after Christmas.

Getting ONE pic I want to use isn’t the only problem…its selecting which card I want to use and which site to do it on! Seriously I get lost in the pages and pages of options and keep putting off making the decision until it is often too late. So this year I told myself I would order on Black Friday NO MATTER WHAT.  I love getting the pamphlets in the mail and getting ideas of those, and when I got the Tiny Prints one, that had a photo ENVELOPE as an option, I was sold!

When Black Friday rolled around, I had my pic ready and only let myself look at the first screen of options…seriously didn’t open another page.  I picked one that said Merry Christmas and involved glitter {duh}.  They had 40% off plus free shipping and I was sold.

So, here she is! Merry Christmas to all!!




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