Dear Baby #3

Dear Beau,

Lets start with a big, fat, I love you. Obsessed really. But I have a couple things I want to tell ya about being baby #3.

I may not have posted your monthly sticker pic on instagram every 30 days…or even once. Hell, I didn’t even buy the stickers this go around.

And even though you are only two, I am already fuzzy on your first words, how many teeth you have and when exactly it was that you took your first steps.

You live in hand me downs, sleep on your sister’s old purple sheet {in your brother’s old crib}, and in a nursery where the letters to your name still sit propped again the floorboards waiting to be hung.

Your feet are often without socks {seriously, baby socks make me want to drink}, your toys are often missing parts, your highchair is lookin a little rough, and you may have never really known what a “nap schedule” was.

But now hear me loud and clear..

Please know that I love your words the most


Every single new thing you say, is my most favorite.  Gone are the worries that you may not talk as much or as quickly or as clearly as other babies, or when the books say your should.  Been in this game now just long enough to know that kids will do things in their own time.  Some late, Some early. Some fast, some slow.

Kids will walk when they walk and run when they run. They will get hurt, but will be fine.  Not every fever brings worry anymore, and not every ailment is googled.

So now, in this third go around, for me, it’s all so good.  Less stress. More chill. Less fear and uncertainty. More faith and trust.

And let’s not discount the fact that you were born with a set of personal body guards.  How many times your brother and sister have stopped you on the runway car on the driveway, blocked you from the top stair, or grabbed the Shopkin from out of your mouth. Eyes always on you. So eager they are to help you out and keep you safe.

Oh and the cheers. Did you know you also have a cheer team that has been by your side your entire life?  The excitement of your first steps {whenever they were}, could be heard from the highway.  When you mastered a cup, or how to say your name…they shouted and cheered.  They laugh loudest at your jokes, and giggle at your antics.  No one roots you on more than those two.  And you get them. They are yours  forever.

I think God saved you for last on purpose.

You bring the kind of magic that only #3 can.

I hope when you get older and see that we may fly by the seat of our pants a little {or a lot} more with you, its because with you, came chaos, but also the ability to focus on the stuff that really matters.

I love you bigger than big kid.

Thanks for bringing a level of happiness to my heart that I would have never known without you.



34 thoughts on “Dear Baby #3

    1. Admin Post author

      thank you! I know you can relate! Or maybe not, as you are probably wayyyy more organized that me! hehe!

  1. Erika Slaughter

    Such a sweet post. Bowen just asked me the other day, “Where’s my baby book?”. Because the older two have one. The second he can read I’ll send him to this post. 🙂

    1. Admin Post author

      Ha! I had enough self awareness to never start a baby book for Grant…knowing I would nevvvvva be able to keep up with them! Hehehehe!! I am just hoping life is always so busy,that B doesn’t notice where we’ve slacked!

  2. Jenny a.

    Glad I met you at target yesterday;) and I don’t have a baby book for any of my kids?. I did save my daughters braces they took off yesterday….does that count??? Love reading your blog!!!!

    1. Admin Post author

      Thank you Shay!! I’m a big fan of yours so to see you stopped by the blog is super exciting! Your family is just as darling as can be!

    1. Admin Post author

      Thanks so much for stopping by!! And hats off to you for raising 5!! You are one busy woman! Bet there is a lot of love in your home!

  3. Paula

    Found through Erika. I have 4 children and you just put all my thoughts into print! Lol…thank you! Your children are gorgeous!

  4. Lisa

    All of this is so true for my #4, she may often have looked like a ragamuffin, only napped when we could fit it in before school pickups and activities, and never had a new-mother panic trip(s) to the emergency room like my oldest, but I have just enjoyed her so much! Knowing that matching shoes and bonnets, and complete sentences, and an oh so small biting problem among so many other things weren’t going to permanently scar her has just made having her so much fun!

  5. Erin Ressler

    I love this so much! I don’t blog anymore, but if I did I would have a post very similar to this!! I recently started following you and your cute fam and then I realized we’re not that far from one another (I live in Cape). I know you have a crazy schedule, but when it gets warmer and you need to kill some time in Cape I would love to meet you at the park!

    Do you care if I share this post on FB?

    Thanks! Happy Monday!

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Erin!! {or should I say neighbor?! ha!} Yes feel free to post!! Thanks so much! And yes, soon as the weather warms we will definitely be park bound!!

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