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Dear Beau: 1 year post-palate repair

Today is our one year anniversary of Bowie’s palate surgery. One year anniversary of one of the most stressful days of our lives, here in the Gill household.

While his lip surgery transformed his face, this palate surgery would forever impact his voice.

This is the surgery that led us to our surgeon Dr. Woo.  He is THE MAN when it comes to palate surgeries, doing new procedures that are being used now nationwide.  We came across him during our hours and hours of research online…and wouldn’t you know, he worked at St. Louis Children’s hospital. Sometimes the stars align.

He has now moved to Rhode Island {where we will follow him to for Beau’s next surgery}, and we are forever thankful for the work he has done on our Beau.

So for today’s post, I just want share my thoughts on raising this one-of-a-kind kid with a little letter to my baby.


You are hands down the toughest kid I know. And I’m not just saying that because you had a physically rough babyhood…I mean you are actually tough. You fall down, and rarely cry.  You are strong and stoic. No doubt God created you this way on purpose.

I worried about you more than I’ve ever worried about anything in my entire life during my pregnancy. Big worry.  But swear, the moment you were born, I stopped.  Deep down in my gut I had this feeling that you were fine, and that you always would be.

I am not naive, and know the world can be ugly and that kids can be mean. They are probably gonna be. And some may even say some pretty stupid stuff to you as you grow up, but I gotta tell ya, I think you’ve got this. No…I know you do.

I won’t always be standing right by your side to say, “ignore it” or “they don’t know any better” or “you are perfect”…but I think you already know all of that. And your brother and sister and dad and I will spend our entire lives reminding you of this. Because we see you for all that you are: Funny as hell, clever, brave, so damn cute, bold, strong, silly, and kind.

I wouldn’t be so quick to share your story with the world if I didn’t think we were raising a pretty freaking spectacular kid, one who could handle all that’s coming his way.

Your life is going to be 100% what you make of it.

Own it Beau. Your life. Your actions. Your attitude. Your decisions. and Your cleft.

It will never define you. but it is a part of you. A part of you that makes you so very unique. And a part of you, that at only 1 1/2, has impacted so many lives. What a blessing you are.

Now, you are almost two, with lots of stuff to say {or you are trying to say ;-)}. And you are a handful in the most awesome kind of way.

You are gonna do some really big things Beau Gill. And I can’t wait to watch.

Love you real big kid.
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