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Dear G.

Dear G.

Holy cow. Today you are 5.  “A whole hand.”  Like how did that happen.


4 was a big one.  First tee ball game.  Earned all your white belt karate stripes.  Learned to ride a bike, swim and write your name.  Got a roommate. Started to really enjoy “school”.  Got more independent.  Grew lotsa inches.  Had lotsa fun.

You are such a GIANT blessing to our family.

You are kind.  You are giving.  You are seriously the most easily excited child on the planet.  You are patient with others, even tho you are not with yourself. You are slap stick funny and such a boy {insert eye roll about lots of poop jokes}.  You are grounded and level headed.  You are a people pleaser.  You are the coolest in the eyes of your brother and sister.  Oh how much joy you have brought to their lives.  I know when you are playing with them that they are in the best hands.  You are a looker-out-for and play-with-anyone kid.  You ARE AMAZING.

Seriously without you, I don’t know that I would survive most days.  You constantly and consistantly never let me down.

You remind me the most of me, of all 3 kids.

Which sometimes I am thankful for {you know how your dad and Stella are! ha! kidding!!}  but also means I have some things to tell ya…I hope you are always eager to please, but cut yourself some slack when you need to.  I hope you stay humble, but don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself.  I hope you continue to see the good, but worry less.  I hope you are forever kind, but know that it is impossible to make everyone happy. I hope you continue to grow into a strong man, but never be too ‘grown’, or too cool, to show your sister some love.  She will ALWAYS have your back.  I hope you remain cautious {for safety reasons…lord 4 wheelers scare me}, but also learn to throw caution to the wind when it comes to love and work.

I love you more than you can know.  Even on the busy, cranky, and hard days.  Know that everynight I go to bed being more thankful for you than I was that morning and I could NOT be any prouder of you.

You are only going to be small for a short time.  Won’t seem like it.  Until you get a little one of your own someday.  But man it flies.  So enjoy it, and don’t try to grow up too quickly.

Happy 5 G.  You are my happy place. Today and everyday.

love you “50 80”.


Cue the pics and the trip down memory lane. {these pics need cropped and resized…but I got 3 kids and about 9 thousand other things to do so this will have to do ;-)}


ps.  When you were born, and we were trying to decide on a middle name, I wanted to wait until you were 5 and let you pick your own.  Your dad thought I was crazy. And maybe it is…but just so you know, if it was up to me, today you decided your name would not be Grant Jameson Gill…it would be Grant Gray Gill …after his “best buddy” and because he “can spell it”! Ha!  {and in true YOU fashion, you first told me I could pick it.  My little people pleaser. I freakin love you kid.}