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Dressing room confessionals: Lululemon

So I got to run up to St.Louis yesterday when Chad got ahold of some last minute Blue’s tickets. Aside from the game, I got about 2 hours to power shop and do some returns.

I think I may have a running series on here…The Dressing Room Confessionals. A week or two ago I shared some of my favorite try-ons at Anthro and my sis called me to say she really liked that post! Us busy mamas don’t always have time to run to the mall…and trying on with kids is nightmarish…or maybe you are like me and live hours from a mall! In any case, I thought whenever I did get the chance to hit the mall, and find some goodies, I would share here!

So yesterday, I hit Lululemon first. I had two pairs of these crops that are OLD and the seam in the booty was starting to go. So I took them to the store, where they are sending them off to their seamstresses for me, and then shipping back to me, FOR FREE. Yes, did you catch that. Free. And if the seamstress can’t fix, they will still ship them back to me so I can decide what I want to do with them.

While I was there I tried on lots of goodies.

BUT FIRST, we have to talk about this tank. I think I could do an entire post on this tank. Why you ask? It solves every single workout tank problem that my girlfriends and I have. 

A)This tank is has a high neckline. Now this is not a huge issue for me, but when you are up and down doing burpees, or push ups, or planking, it’s nice to have the girls all tucked in.

B) It covers your crotch!! Oh my gosh this is a big one. I love tanks long enough to hang past the crotch. It’s flattering, and you can just throw on a cute sweatshirt or jacket over and you can run all your errands and look layered and put together.

C) It can tie up to be cropped and tight. I LOVE the length of cropped tanks with high waisted pants. Proportionally they work well on my body type. But actual crop tops are hard to tuck in when doing a lot of cardio and jumping, and I don’t love to wear them outside of the gym. When you tie up the back of this one, you can make it tight enough to stay in place, and as high and low as you want.

D) When it’s long, the back it still completely closed and it’s flowy. Would love cute on ALL body types.

E) It comes in super cute winter-meets-spring colors.

F) Ok I don’t have another reason…but am telling you it’s a great one. I got the purple but am kicking myself for not grabbing more.

G) Another friendly reminder that I am not sponsored by Lulu {But am open to that people of Lululemon!! Ha!!} so truthfully love this.

Here are some of the other goodies I tried on. Only sharing the ones I liked. And grabbed another pair of my beloved Aligns {this time in cropped} to take on vacation with us.

pink bra // black tank // blue & black tank // purple tank // blue tank {ties in back too} // shorts {didn’t like} // align pants

Aside from my Lulu visit, I had time to run a return to Anthropologie { Remember the swimsuit that I HAD TO HAVE from this post...yeah, not gonna work}, but while I was there I found some things I loved! So much of it was pink and red I think I will share those goodies next week in a “All things Valentine’s Day” post.

Happy Hump Day!