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Easter {surprise} Eggs

So for Easter this year I wanted to do things just a little differently.


Do your kids watch YouTube? Mine do…and they just love it! I think its so strange but they love to watch the “surprise eggs”…which is basically someone unwrapping an easter egg thats covered in play dough with a toy inside.  They are fascinated by these videos! So this Easter, we decided to do less eggs, and put more thought into what goes into them {instead of just a bunch of candy that makes them totally NUTS}.

The kids are really into make believe and love little knick knacks, so hoping they will be surprised when they see what the Easter bunny has left behind.  Here are some of the goodies I got to put in their eggs.


**Palace Pets fit perfectly! **Beau is loving hot wheels and Grant loves too! **Imaginex guys will be a hit with Grant, but had to make them “sit” in order to fit.

I did have to go find some “jumbo” or “oversized” eggs to fit a couple of the items.

My kids aren’t into Shopkins but know they are super popular and are perfect size for Easter eggs!  And if we didn’t have Beau who tries to still eat every toy he can, I think it would be fun to fill eggs with Legos and let the kids create with whatever pieces they got!

Other great fillers could be balloons (my kids freakin love a balloon!), or smelly stickers they can stick on themselves right away!! What kinds of things do you put in your eggs? Always open to more ideas!!

Anyway, the rest of our eggs will be filled with a couple gummy worms or Tropical Starburst Jellybeans {um because they are the most amazing candy of all time}.

Happy hunting all!!