Fave Trend: Teddy Bear Coats

Ok. Aside from oversized sweaters and high waisted denim, I think teddy bear coats may be my favorite trend this winter!

I mean, I am all for anything warm, cozy, and that can hide my pjs while I run Stella into preschool to drop off. These coats are gonna have me walking’ into drop off like this:

Ok, maybe not quite…but this oversized trend at least keeps me from feeling like:

I recently ordered this one from H&M...and while a lot of you commented on my stories that you really liked, it just wasn’t a love for me. The price is great, but it wasn’t as soft, and was way too bulky for my liking. I am working on only keeping on pieces I truly LOVE…and just didn’t.

So I went on the hunt, and found so many awesome options! I am going to pick a couple of my faves to order and try. The hard part is to narrow it to my favorites!!

  • For SURE am ordering this one. I mean, you can’t beat Old Navy prices.
  • This one I have super high hopes for. I love the color, length and collar! Great option for under $100!
  • I have seen this one pop up all over my insta feed on the fashion blogs. A huge plus is that it is coming from Nords, which I love because I know any potential returns will be easssssy. And any chance to exercise my Nordstrom card and earn points is a plus, right?!
  • If I wasn’t so hung up on getting a long one, my friend sent me a link to this one in the cognac color…and you all know how I feel about Free People. They pretty much win at winter. Also this with those varsity striping on the sleeves. Dead.

Now those are just my top top faves… come on UPS man!!! I can’t wait to find one of these bad boys that works!! Below I’ll link all the pics of the ones I’ve found {and liked!} so that maybe you can find one you love too!!

This trend is too good…and too mom friendly to pass up!!

If you are pregnant, I think this teddy bear sweater (in cream or in tan) is evvvverything! Plus it says it’s nursing friendly and does it not look like the softest thing ever?! Plus it’s only like $50!

Lastly…who would spend $6,000 on this UGLY teddy bear coat?! Sometimes I do find fashion so confusing ;-P

What are your favorite trends for this fall? Do you have a teddy coat? If so, where did you find it?! Help a sister out.


Here are some fun other “teddy” items if a coat isn’t in your needs category!

12 thoughts on “Fave Trend: Teddy Bear Coats

  1. Ali Summerfield

    Hi! I’m my friend has a boutique called greybandit.com . If you type in bundle me up jacket you will see it. It’s one size fits all and is so comfy and soft! Only $60 as well. Best purchase

  2. Emily

    These are all great!! I’m huge into teddy bear coats right now. Another great website is nordicbeach.com They have the most ADORABLE wraps.

    1. Admin Post author

      Ok I need to check out!! I’ve never been to that site but will check it out once the babies are in bed!! Yay!

  3. Erika Slaughter

    I was laughing throughout this post because I just got that Free People coat yesterday! It was cold here, I didn’t have on enough warm clothes, and it was so comfy!

    1. Admin Post author

      They do!!!! I got on their site last night and ordered a few things to try!! Fingers crossed!! I love to shop Forever 21 in store just because I love to see their stuff in person, but when that isn’t an option…Online I go!!

    1. Admin Post author

      No! Have never heard of true grit! But will totally look into it!! Our Old Navy didn’t have in store but am now anxiously awaiting my order 🙂

  4. Kiersten

    Could you show us how you would style the Teddy Bear jacket? Like what shoes? I’m not sure how to put together an outfit with it without looking frumpy!

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