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Friday Faves

Hey everyone! Welp, its been awhile.  Summer proved to be entirely too busy and too fun to spend time blogging…which I really enjoy doing, but in this season, it proved too time consuming.  It’s still very new and very unknown to me, so it takes a fairly significant amount of time to post….so, decided to live all in this summer with my family.


BUT, that being said, school is back in session and I am hoping to be back in the blog, full steam ahead come November 1st. I have been busy learning and researching and trying to teach myself some of the latest technologies to make this blog more beneficial for you to read! Thank God for YouTube Tutorials ;-p

Kicking off this “welcome back party” with some of my current faves.  This is probably my favorite kind of post to do because I am a sharer by nature.  And when I find something I love, I want everyone to love it too ;-p

So here goes…always random, but hope you find something you like!

1.OBSESSED with this tiered dress. YOU GUYS. SERIOUSLY. Its super soft and stretchy material {but thick and well made}, gorgeous, and its like $60!! Um hello. I just hung it up in my closet and CAN NOT wait to wear!! No question my number one fav this week.


I really love tiered pieces and still love peplums, and feel like they can transition into fall by throwing on layers on top easily…sharing a few other tiered dresses I like as well.

2. Favorite current snack:  This protein bar.  My sister in law gave one to me to try {she is in like craaaazy amazing shape} and I am hooked. Done. Like I eat 2-3 a day…you should probably use as a meal replacement or snack, but I find myself eating it on top of that! whoops!! Anyway, swear its amazing.  They sell at GNC and Smoothie Kings, but if you live near a Trader Joes they sell them there for significantly cheaper!

3. Favorite read:  This book changed my closet {and thus my life} and will get its own blog post sometime this fall.  Read it. Game changer.

4. Favorite shoe:  These shoe-ties {its somewhere between a shoe and a bootie} I wanted them all last fall/winter.  I finally splurged and got them last week and am kicking myself that I waited so long.  These babies will go with everythinggggg. **Sidenote: if you are thinking about an item of clothing for over 6 months…BUY it. Really, if you are thinking about it for more than 2 weeks, BUY IT.  And enjoy it ;-P **



5. Favorite recipe:  LET ME PLEASE STATE FIRST, that I a)hate to cook and b)am terrible at it.  But my mom made this soup growing up for us a lot and Chad loves it with some cheese and chips! Its hearty enough for a dinner and makes a ton of leftovers to freeze! Plus its SUPER FREAKING EASY.

Taco Soup:

Brown 2 lbs of hamburger with some chopped onion {this is seriously all of the “work you will have to do”}

In your crock pot, throw in-

2 cans of chopped tomates

2 cans of corn

2 cans of mild chili beans {optional third can but we aren’t huge on beans}

1 can of tomato paste

1 of those small cans of chopped green chilis

1 seasoning packet of ranch

1 seasoning packet of low sodium taco seasoning

and add Hamburger

Stir it and put on warm or low all day….seriously, how easy is that.

When its time to eat add some shredded cheese and tortilla chips and BOOM. Dinner.

PS. Someone told me this was a weight watchers recipe…while I’m not sure its entirely true, I tell myself that everytime I eat it and I think it makes me enjoy it more ;-P ha!!

Anyway, Thanks for visiting in the site and hanging in there with me while I learn the ins and outs of blogging!  I promise to get better and up my frequency!