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Friday Faves

TGIF friends!! Happy Friday!

Woah Boy I’ve missed doing these posts! Love sharing some of my favorites with you!!

This week I am sharing a few of my favorites, as well as some stuff that I hope I will be able to adddddd to my list of favorite things! So let’s get to it:

Favorite song: Now. Go download Reflections by MisterWives. My sister told me to use it in our family video from the Dominican and now I am playing on repeat in my car. It had me entire family dancing yesterday!

Favorite shoes: I posted this pair of Nike’s a month ago right before the site went down, but get asked about them overtime they appear on instagram, so linking again today! I wear them ALL OF THE TIME. They are so comfy and have my stamp of approval!

Favorite show: Southern Charm and it’s about to start back up!! I love Cameran. She is hysterical on her insta {camwinberly1}…some of you may remember her from the Real World back in the day. Anyway, so excited for this to start.

Favorite {current} Mom Hack: So I shared on my insta story this week that Grant has learned to tie his shoes…in 2 days! FO REALS. I came across a video on Facebook a couple weeks ago about tying shoes and decided, what the heck, lets give it a try. And people, it’s a game changer. Wishing I could take the credit.  For some reason I can’t post my videos on here, but here is a link to a video on how to tie them.

Favorite Mom Hack PRODUCT: Ok, I actually had no idea what category this falls in, but I got this recently in order to make plugging in all of our iPads, phones, headphones, etc in at night easier…but I found a huge bonus in having it when it comes time to travel or leave our house! I used to pack each kids charger in their bags, and had to hunt them down and replug them all in whenever we go to where we were going…not I just unplug this one guy and I have everyone’s chargers together. Small product, life easier. Boom.

Ok, now this next product isn’t a favorite…yet…but it has major potential…and I’m warning you now it’s kind of gross….

Seriously, you may not wanna keep on reading…

Unless you are one of those girls that loves getting a pedicure and starring at the cheese grater thing to see how much junk they can get off your feet. If you are that girl, you will definitely wanna keep reading…

So I don’t spend a lot of time on Facebook, instagram is where my heart is at, but I was unable to sleep the other night and this “foot peel” ad kept popping up. So finally I clicked on it and it let me into a long spiral of beauty blog reviews and you tube videos..And ya’ll!! I was a}beyond grossed out and b}totally fascinated.

So I did the obvious thing, and ordered myself this from Amazon at 1 am.

Because Amazon is the bomb, it was in my possession 2 days later. I let my feel soak/relax in these booties for one hour…and then…

Watch this video, or this video to see what I have in store for myself in the next 5 – 7 days…


I am heading to visit my sister this next week and planned to be there for the “great peel” because I knew she would be as into it and disgusted by it as I am!! I will keep you posted a la insta story friends.

Favorite kid’s clothing find: It’s no secret I love to shop for my kids…especially Stella. When this shirt from MamaSaidTees showed up, I was instantly a fan. It’s as soft as it is cute, and I am all about a shirt that stands for something. And “Being a Good Friend” is something I hope she always is!

That’s it for today!! We have a big weekend ahead, including a trivia night fundraiser! Our team hasn’t done too well in the past, but we are guaranteed margaritas and lots of laughs, so I am pretty excited!

Hope your weekend is full of all the good stuff!