Friday Faves

Happy Friday friends!!!!

I am heading out of town this weekend with some of my teacher-friends to celebrate one of them having twins this coming summer!!! We will be shopping, spa-ing, eating, and talking A LOT!! I am SO excited!!

Sharing a few of my faves with you before we get this party started!

Favorite Housewife: Erica Jane. Hands down. Until Tuesday nights episode!!!!! Like whhhhhhat happened to her at that dinner?! Poor Eileen!!! Something else was clearly going on!! But truly that dinner was so hard to watch! I was cringing for everyone!!

And I am with the rest of America on not being able to stand Dorit, but her stylllllllllle, omg. I want everything in her closet!! This crop with the white pencil skirt and that lip is probably my fave!

Favorite dup{licate}: So I went a little nuts on the ShopBop sale…out of a whole lotta things, I kept a pair of Levi’s and a pair of flats. I did however really like this pair of jeans…they are definelty different, and Chad hated them, so I decided to send them back. THEN, I found this pair on asos for less than $50 and they are like the same freaking pair!! Ordered and love them. Current fave dup for less and current fave jean. Even tho Chad still doesn’t like ;-P

Favorite face product: I shared on my insta story that I used this mask on Monday night…It’s my second Glam Glow mask to try. First I tried this one and liked ok, then I tried this one. And I swear, the next day Chad said I looked 5 years younger! SWEAR. Could have been in part to the fact that I had a little make up on, but still! I will take it and will definitely use again!!

Favorite book: more on this later, but I read The Nightingale when we went on vacation last month and finished it in a couple of days! Which is no easy feat around here with so many little chickens running around! It wasn’t a page turner, mystery like I usually read but it is HANDS DOWN one of my favorite books ever! Plus I honestly feel like I educated myself on WWII while reading it! Highly highly recommend. Now just trying to decide what I want to read next…any suggestions?

Welp friends, keeping it short and sweet today since I’ve now only got an hour to get myself and the kids ready and out the door and off on my weekend adventure! Hope your weekend is sunny and a good one!


6 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. Amanda @ That Inspired Chick

    That mask sounds awesome! I want to look five years younger!! (I’d even take 2 years younger…a lot has happened in 2 years I feel like!)

    And OMG Dorit and that weird phony accent she has!!!! Can’t stand her. I’m not a big fan of the new girls this year. And Eileen bugs me too. I love me some Erica Jane though! Girl keeps it real! I still haven’t watched the latest episode though! I’m saving it for tonight when there is nothing on TV.

    Happy Friday!!

    That Inspired Chick

    1. Admin Post author

      Ha! I am with you on the mask! I am doing again tonight to see if it gets the same reaction!! And let me know what you think about the RHW dinner!!! It was cray town!

  2. Danielle

    Love me a good romper! Thanks to you, I’m now obsessed with ASOS. Also, I agree with you that Erica Jane is my favorite housewife but WHAT was her deal this week? Yikes!

    P.S. I’m an elementary teacher as well and congrats to your sweet friend!!

    1. Admin Post author

      Asos is so addictive!! And they are constantly sharing new pieces so I like to check out the site overnight before I close my eyes ;-P hahaha! Can’t wait for this weeks RHW to see what Erica Jane has to say!!

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