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Friday Faves

Happy Friday!!

This Friday I am doing things a little differently…doing a Friday faves, Easter basket edition. My kids are still so young {5,4, and 2} that the morning is total magic and they are over the moon with whatever they get! Simply waking up to eggs all over the yard is easily the highlight!

Easter Eggs: Last year I shared this post on some of the things I put in the kids Easter Eggs last year…I don’t like them having too much candy, and we seem to hit up a couple egg hunts around town that have them set in the candy department, so always on the hunt for little trinkets for their eggs at home. 

This year I am thinking of putting some of the abve linked, and some of the following things in their eggs, and the good thing is that a ton of them can be found at Target or Amazon {since I always seem to be running behind!}. I like to find things that the kids will actually use and play with…no more JUNK in this house ;-P

  • Mini Dinosaurs
  • Shoe laces {this may seem random but my boys seem to love string and can find endless things to do with it…}
  • Play jewelry {or these would fill lots of eggs and are so cute if they don’t bother your kiddos ears
  • Legos/Lego people: these are cool super hero ones that I could see Grant playing with a lot as he builds his lego creations! I also think some random pieces would be fun and to see what they can build out of what the easter bunny left.
  • Dollars: because lets be clear…my kids love money! HA! And a couple dollar bills rolled up will be a huge hit!
  • Basically hit up the party supply store…lots of little trinkets in all kinds of categories to find!


Easter Baskets:  I’ve mentioned I am trying to do a swim theme basket this year since we are in need of some new pool stuff. That being said, this is probably my favorite thing going in Stella’s. I get asked about these googles every time I post a picture with them on her! You can get them in pink, purple, butterfly mermaid, or donut!

For Grant, they have these cool shark ones or am considering this snorkel mask! Also, Grant got these last summer, but if you want something super cool in your kids basket, check out these for the pool! Grant and his buddies LOVED them!! May have to snag this for Stella since she’s a solid swimmer this year!

I will grab each of them a fun, character swimsuit…because even though I HATE them, they LOVE them! Thinking this for Stella, this for G, and this for Bowie. {It pains me to buy…but they will probably wear more than anything else this summer…and gosh dang I love a happy kid face!}

Lastly, loved this that Living with Landyn shared on her blog…and know my kids will get a kick out of it! Ha! It will go nicely with the rabbit that poops jelly beans that I found at Paper Source in Kansas the other weekend ;-P

Easter Snack: Two years ago we made this Easter bark and took it around to the neighbors! It was SUPER easy to make with the kids, SUPER yummy, and pretty dang cute! And you all know I am NOT a pinterest mom {not throwing any shade…wish I could be one! But not in my DNA}. So if I can do this with my crew, you can too! Promise.

Here is a link to a legit recipe…but we basically melted some white chocolate in the microwave, spread it on some parchment paper and threw down some of our favorite easter candies, sprinkles, crushed up pretzels, etc. Then stuck it in the fridge to harden and broke it up! Super kid friendly.

Easter Scavenger Hunt: Just wanted to share this “favorite memory” from my childhood and am toying with starting this one this year with my kids. The Easter bunny always left us one egg under our pillow in it with a clue. That clue led to our next egg in the house, and the next clue…on and on it went until we landed at our Easter basket. I can remember my sister and I zig zagging across the house trying to find our next clues! It was so exciting!!

Easter Dress Options: Ya’ll! I can’t decide what I want to order and try or if I want to wear something I already have!!! Here are the ones I am trying to decide between! Let me know your favorite!! I am such a bad decision maker! If you are like me and still haven’t figured out what to wear, Anthro is having 25% off on all dresses and jumpsuits right now!


We are headed out of town for the weekend and you better believe I will be doing all my Easter ordering in the car on the way up! One day I hope to be a lot more organized!!

And here are some pics of our Easter shenanigans last year..