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Friday Faves

Happy Friday y’all!!

My assistant {Stella} and I are headed with Beau to St.Louis for his annual cleft team apt day. We are just running up and back, and unfortuatey have to miss Grant’s fall party at school! Wahhhh! He informed me tho that he would be “just fine without me” because he is so big and all….wahhhh x2.

Here are some of my faves today, and I know I’ve shared some before but feel the need to another round because I love em that much!!

Favorite Book:  First of all, you need to read The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson. SO GOOD and SO many twists and turns. Love a good page-turner. And the ending…no words.

Favorite “Food”: I eat these all the live long day. I don’t cook. I can throw these in my bag and eat on the go, or in my kitchen, or in the tub {it happens}…but I buy them always at Walmart or Target because they are ten million times cheaper than GNC or Smoothie King.

Favorite cure to chapped lips:  Aquaphor is good, but when they are realllllly chapped, nothing works better than this. I smear some on before bed and by morning any sort of chapped-ness I had is poof! gone! I am planning on picking this up tho this weekend as my sister-in-law swears by it for chapped lips and may smell a little better than what I use ;-P

“In-My Cart” favorites: Going to have this little section each week to share some goodies I am currently toying over in my mind on whether or not to buy…this is just for those that are nosey like me and love to see what might be in the packages sitting by our door…

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and soak up a lot of this fabulous fall weather!