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Friday Faves-Thank you Santa!

Hey guys! Happy Happy Friday! Quick post up, just sharing my 3 favorite things I got for Christmas.

1. I’ve started taking my laptop with me lots of places, and got this sleeve for it here and am OBSESSED. It’s so pretty 😉 And actually really motivating me to use my computer more!

2. My kiddos got me a blanket just like this! I am always cold…like freezing, so now when they are winding down for bed we snuggle under it on the couch, and then when they actually go to bed, I crawl right back under to enjoy whatever is on Bravo. They got mine from Wal-Mart {this exact one} but all they had in-stock was a queen which is hugggge…but hey I am not complaining ;-p

3. I’ve been eyeing this bad boy for over a year. Help with wrinkles? Where do I sign up?! When it went on sale at Nordstrom, Santa was quick enough to snag me one! I will be testing it out this week {hopefully tonight} and will keep you guys posted on how it is! May try to instal-story my experience…which could be highly entertaining;-P Have any of you ever used??

4. Ok, I said top 3…but just feel the need to share that I got a second pair of these Align Pants…and you guys there is seriously no product I want to go out and share in cyber space more. I’ve had so many people tell me they got a pair and how much they are in love. GO GET YOURSELF A PAIR. Swear you will be happy you did. {Getting off soapbox now}.

Ok, and one more thing…super excited that GrowingUpGill got a lil shout out today on the world famous A Little Bit of Everything Blog!! On a total high and think it will just carry me right on through the weekend!! If you don’t follow Erika over on her blog, you should! Lots of good stuff, and ridiculously beautiful family. First time I visited the site and saw “A hot random mess” as her subtitle, I knew we were destined for friendship.

Happy Friday friends! Lets hope it warms up a little this weekend!!