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Friday Favorites

Just sharing some of my “favorites” with you this Friday! Hope you guys have a great weekend!!


FAVORITE STARBUCKS BEV:  I worked as  barista back in college and LOVED THE JOB, and got to try just about everything they had to offer.  My go-to bev there now is a “Grande Chai Tea Latte with Soy, extra foam, in a Venti Cup, with room”.  seriously delicious stuff.

Side note: if you want to know “officially how to order” your Starbucks drinks, here are the official steps-

  1. Hot or Cold {ie.Iced….}
  2. Size {Tall, Grande, Venti}
  3. Name of drink {coffee, latte, frappucino…}
  4. Strength of drink {number of espresso shots if different than what size calls for}
  5. Type of milk or creamer
  6. Any extra specifics {extra hot, room for cream, no foam, type of sweeter, etc}


sound machine

FAVORITE BABY SHOWER/CHILD/LIFE GIFT:   Feel like lots of new babies are on the horizon this spring for my friends so sharing this gem again.  My cousin is a veteran super mom and told me about this sound machine when I was pregnant with Grant.  In fact, I think she actually bought it for me. Now it’s not in the shape of some cute animal…or even a cute color…but this sucker is THE BEST.  We now own 3.  One for each kid on the day they were born.  I never turn them off {simply because I am THE MOST forgetful person on the planet} and they are all still working 100! We travel with them…and I think we may die without them! Thanks to these babies, we all sleep hard around here.  Do you have a friend having a baby shower soon? seriously, BUY THEM THIS.  It won’t be cute when they open it or have “crowd appeal”…but a couple months in, they will thank you, and they will know what a good friend you are. Ha!


FAVORITE MASCARA: ok, this is a trick question.  Why? Because I gave up mascara the day I got eyelash extensions.  Seriously people. Game freakin changer.  That’s all I can say about that.


FAVORITE SHOES:  I rarely buy shoes…I don’t know why, I think I prefer to put my money more into tops and dresses, but am learning what a huge difference shoes can make to an outfit.  After my major closet gut this spring, I got these babies.  I rarely wear heels, but loved them and wore them all {allllllllll} around St. Louis last week and they were SO comfortable. Fo reals.

Also have to shout out my Birkenstocks I purchased last spring.  After being the youngest patient by several decades in the pediatrists office last year, I was told to buy some shoes with more “structure”.  I.E. my flimsy {but cute} Charlotte Russe flips weren’t cuttin it.  I left depressed about needing some grandma sandals…wasn’t but a week or so later I got the Nordstrom catalog and had a pair of Birks on the cover!  Well if Nordstrom’s says its ok, then it must be! So got this pair and have worn them non-stop.  My best shoes for general “mom life” business {park, walks, grocery marathons…}.  Money well spent! If you are considering, I am LOVING this copper pair! omg.

What is NOT a fave? These Birkenstock boots…i mean WHHHHHATTT? I am so confused…

birk boot

Happy Weekend all!