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Friday Favorites

Happy Fri-yay!! We are gearing up for a couple very busy weeks at our house, but looking forward to a super low key weekend!! Sharing a couple of my favorites with you today.


  • Favorite snack {as of late}:  So I am really trying hard to eat better, but sweets and ice cream are definitely one of my greatest weaknesses.  Long story short, got his yogurt for Beau to try…and you guys it is AMAZING! Like, I don’t really like yogurt, but this…ohmygosh.  Add a bunch of chocolate chips and some strawberries or bananas {like I did above in the pumpkin flavor} and throw in the freezer for an hour and you won’t ever need ice cream again.


  • Favorite hair product:  Ok, this is a trick question because today I am sharing two. 1). Go now and buy this dry shampoo.  I have tried probably 8 different dry shampoos, and spent some serious money on them, and none can compare to this.  Plus if you are a brunette, blonde or redhead, it comes slightly colored to match your roots.  No crazy smell or weird residue.  I like to spray on at night, sleep in it, and brush out in the morning.  AND 2). This is what I will be using all summer to avoid drying my hair{and saving a very valuable hour of my time!}.  I DO NOT have curly hair…I have like a weird/kinky/kinda-frizzy-kinda-straight sort of hair.  Towel dry, rub in hair {while upside down}, and go!  I like to spend about 3 min throwing a couple loose curls in with my wand once it’s all dry! It’s my own version of mermaid waves!


  • Favorite Smoothie King:  Just in case you have never had one, the Green Tea Tango {with Mango and made skinny} is likely my most favorite drink/meal/treat on the planet.  Next time you go, try. It’s so dang good. Click here for a link to their nutritional chart


  • Favorite child:  Oh my gosh I am kidding!!!!! kind of…….

Happy Weekend!!